Printed 8k/5k+ headstrap with headphones

Edit : Important : Scroll down the first post to reach the last version.:point_down:

I swear I wanted to do this since almost a year now.
But everytime I was like “nhaa too late, it will be obsolete in a few days once we get the real one…”

And so, a few days ago I started it. Better late than never I guess.

My printed upgrade for the original Pimax 8k/5k+ headstrap.

As you can see on the pictures I am running out of foam but even with some pieces its already much better, of course it have to be foam everywhere for optimal comfort.

Original straps just pass thru it.

Easily adjustable and dont even need to release to remove headset, while holding the printed part we can slightly strech it to put it off.

And bonus so easy to put on now.

Print it upward (rear side on the platform) will save you time and material but horizontally would be the best, using lots of supports but in the right axies for strenght.
Of course printing material doesnt matter, pla, abs just make it 50% infill not less or 4 walls thick, I use 0.8mm nozzle with 3 walls for this kind of printing.

With any 3D printing sofware/slicer you can also strech the model up/down or whatever to adjust your head without deforming it too much.

Hope you like it, I do ^^, should really have make this for a while now.

Oh and yeah, since I use earpods I did not include speakers, sorry but this should not be a problem to modify it or adjusting it.
I have 2 DAS at home but my kids use them so I went for without speakers ^^.

If you want to download it, there it is -->


Ok lets call it V1 since everything can be enhanced but it does the job pretty well actually :slight_smile:


Some printing instructions and where to download are here ->

I will try to see if I can make something to get rid of the rubber bands so its easier to put on.

New link is for lastest version

Added 60, 45/50 and 45/50 tilted headphones foam cushion size.
Best is 45/50 Tilted, with ->

Download link ->


Awesome looks great!

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Great job! Wish i had a 3d printer :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley: I might check it out for headset speakers addition.

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The hero we needed…


Is this the deluxe strap pimax promised? /s


Very cool, print bed heating up :slight_smile:


Updated the headstrap, now with headphones. :point_up_2::point_up_2:


Hi guys,

Just updated it again ^^

New link is :

Ok my padding is crap, I think some carpet for gym will do ok.

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This looks awesome. Great work!

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Thank you :smiley:
Its a bit late for this but it a cheap alternative :wink:
If you have or can access a 3D printer, of course.

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Still not really late as pimax MAS not out til maybe Dec? :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

And there are many headsets still with cheaper headstraps. Sure yours could be adapted for other headsets.

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Maybe print a comfort kit for under $49.


Yep. Be great to get a 3dscan of face gasket & print a better version in tpu?

Hi guys,

Updated it with 60 and 45/50mm headphone foam cushion.
And one that is the best to me is the 45/50mm tilted, I hightly recommend this one with this -> .
Actually it give an amazing sound, fit well the ear without covering it, but it totally close it and give greats bass.

All files here ->

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Well its ready for the RE edition! :+1:


Hi guys
I added a weight splitter to add more weight to the fronthead and less on the cheeks.
Its a small one but works very good.
You can add the foam you need to match your head.

Because I think it can be used on its own (Without the headstrap upgrade) it is on another download page, here ->

I also updated the Headstrap, added a flatter heads models (Headstrap Harderner.stl file)
:point_up_2: Download link up there :point_up_2: