Pricing Prediction, what I want to pay

Lets be reasonable here. What do you think the backer pricing will be? What do you think would be a fair deal?

Headsets only because we all know the deal with LH 2.0 and controllers.

Kickstarter pricing:

5k $399 + shipping

8k $499 + shipping

8kx $699 + shipping

Current pricing:

5k+ $699

8k+ $999

8kX $1299


I just here to say I foresee lots of disappointment and anger during the release of the news on the 3rd week of October when they release the price.


Its 699 for 5k+ :slight_smile:


Sorry 5K+ $799 on Amazon

Would be nice if they split the difference.:money_mouth_face:

Unfortunately probably not.:face_vomiting:

The 8k X will be 1100$ and the 8k+ will be 800$ if I had to guess.


Good chance but they will have to do better then that to get a lot of movement!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also a lot of competition just now in the $400-$700 for beginners,
so they will not buy and the high-end market is limited to enthusiasts many of whom already have a pimax and need a compelling reason to upgrade
, what is minimal sde worth ???

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We are their biggest market I think as well. We may have picked up a few more during presales. Kickstarter is a gamble, I backed the 8k but was only willing to gamble $500. I switched to 5k+ considering that gamble was my safe bet and was tired of waiting. At this point I feel the gamble paid off. Everything else is just my winnings. Lets see how it pans out.

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I predict the are only going to offer $100- $150 off the price. I myself will not jump at that as I feel that will all happen anyway in the next year or two. If they want to keep an open ended discount for me I will someday use it.

You supported 8K initially.
But you didn’t get 8K as you promised, right?
So you had to switch to 5K +.
This is like coercion.

I will jump if they offer a backer discount of $400 or more off the X.

I feel a bit betrayed, yes.

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But not ready to smash the 5K+ and never look back.

In my opinion, 8K and 5K + are nevertheless the achievement of Pimax among all other headsets, thanks to its FOV.
There is a breakthrough in this, because I always did not like the little FOV, it bound me in VR. And in this I am very grateful to them.

When I heard about Pimax Kickstarter with 8K 4K per eye with a wide FOV, I did not hesitate for a long time, I just supported it immediately with a full 8K package.
But not everything went according to plan. Namely, the resolution of the panels. And this is the most acute stumbling block of these headsets. Especially 8K (it should have achieved at least Pimax 4K clarity)


Well not much of a surprise. Delays confusion and not much of a dicount to speak of in my book. I for one will be keeping the stretch goals and waiting for a clear demonstration of what the two new headsets have to offer in a head to head comparison. To much of a risk now not knowing how they fair and stack up. It was nice to be the first one i knew with a pimax but not worth the price to just be one of the first with the + or X. Should have just backed it but thems the breaks. Now I’ll see what the reviews are like and if not appealing enough i might just pick up an index next and wait for the X to drop below a grand. Maybe there will be something elsewhere to peak our interests next year. Christmas is around the corner I wont be dumping another grand on myself this year (I dont think). Cant wait for more news and to see clips of the road shows. Keep pushing pimax and thanks for the excitement, frustration, entertainment and the at VR experience that I have not even experienced anywhere else…