Prescription lenses, third party companies (and us too) are waiting for you Pimax!

Hey there!

I asked to 3 companies if they intend to procuce prescription lenses and frame for our Pimax 8k/5k+
Those companies are Vr Lens Lab, VROptitian and WIDMOvr.

  • Widmovr didn’t respond to my email

  • Vr Lens Lab said :

we are looking into offering more options but can’t tell an exact time frame for this at the moment. You might want to consider our VR Frame, it can be customized with prescription and suitable for different headset models.

  • VROptician answered :

Unfortunately we will not bring our own adapters. But we will fit the glasses in the frame from Pimax.

Pimax, please hurry up!!! Vr frame are way more important and urgent than base station or home made controllers. Don’t tell us you need months and 50 ingeneers to create a simple plastic frame!


Thanks for going through the effort of contacting third parties to see if they have any plans for Pimax prescription lenses - it certainly is disappointing to see they don’t!

I agree that the precription frame really should be a priority at this point. Glasses really are quite uncomfortable in the headset, and actually rub against the lenses with the stock foam! Surely it can’t be that hard to design and manufacture a plastic frame? Or at LEAST release the .STL file so we can make our own!

Can we have some sort of timeframe on this, Pimax?


Be wary of the VR Frame from VR Lens Lab. Someone mentioned that they tried it out and scratched up their lenses.

I also want a prescription lens ASAP! It’s a bummer to have to put in contacts whenever I want to play VR. Makes it way harder to jump in and out.

While this is purely speculation and not what you guys are hoping for i thought i would share it in this thread anyway because IMO it is a quite plausible explanation for the prescription frame delay.
I wrote this in response to “please make sure to make the eye tracking module compatible with the prescription VR frame.”
(expand it by hitting the little arrow on the right hand side for better formatting and the pic)

Until the designs have been finalized and the frames shipped i think the best option for people needing glasses will be to thicken the facial interface and make space for glasses.
This can quite easily be done using double sided velcro that you cut to shape and fit between the foam and the HMD.

@ziddan we already do. At least those who can, because every glass frame can’t fit in the hmd even if you add deph.
Of course, final frame must be compatible with eye tracking module. But everyone won’t buy it and vr frame is really urgent, we can’t wait 6 months. We really need a temporary solution ASAP.

I remind you that I gave a potential solution here:
Unfortunately noone seems interrested to work on it :disappointed_relieved:

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I hadnt seen that 3d design, looks like a great option if you have a 3d printer available but i think that it would need to be tweaked for almost every user because of differing IPDs.

Im no 3d whizz and im not promising anything but i might try putting some time into understanding the customization features on thingieverse to allow people to set a specific IPD and get a generated file with it.

Thanks ^^

This solution seems to be adapted for almost everyone. The original lens mount comes with only 1 size and fits a charm to me despite my large ipd (72). I think it’s because prescription lenses don’t use fresnel, so there’s no sweetspot to find ^^

The accessories like the frames are now getting augmented attention now that some of the engineers can move from the controller project.


Wait a moment!