Preorder number?

i got an email stating that preorders are to start shipping in about 9 days. i’m curious what my preorder number is? how many units ship per week, etc.


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Added pimax members. However your preorder number should be if not mistaken in your purchase confirmation email.

You can register new account with email adress used to pre-order and it will automaticaly link together with all information.

Link to register:


You can email with the email address left in order. We can check your order status for you.

You can also log in the account you purchase headset for checking order status by yourself also

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Order No. P123022 means 123022 number in the queue of preorders? :scream:

You’ll have too wait 5 years before you get your preorder 123,022

I’m 105x. Can’t believe they’ve sold that many units so they must have bumped order numbers somehow… :wink:

It’s been a while already that I ask myself this question, and especially that nobody speaks …
How many units must be delivered to backers, 5000/7000? How long to deliver them?
now I’m preoder P123xxx, on the site right now ordering today deliver on february 21. How long backers have been delivered once the production line activates for 7000 uniter (+/-)
How long will a P123xxx get its pimax!
there is a truck that bell, if he delivers me in a year I could surely put it on a shelf, he risk obsolete following a future improvement …
did someone get an email about pre-orders with a little more info and what numbers do you have?

I was told that shipping for preorder starts after New Years ends. They haven’t delivered all of the early backers yet. There are some 700 that haven’t resolved.

Chinese New Year is not the same as one we are used to.

i have been mailing preorders asking these questions but there is a language barrier. the emails end with me being told “if you order now, unit will ship by feb. 21st”

i have a preorder, it’s p123072. i was told previously that my preorder number is “1,000 +”. so per my order number, can i estimate i am number 1,230?

I ask myself the same question, I am number p1220xx, what is this number

First batch of preorders will ship in 6 days and 8 hours

So…6 days and 7 hour and counting…

Actually, i could wait…I’m not in a hurry.

There a rumor that it ships tomorrow but that hard to believe.

Its not a rumor, its official information from Pimax newsletter, which can still be changed anytime.

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They told me im in the first batch and it will be shipped in 6 days. Unless they meant they will start production on the 25th

You think information that was given to you is more relevant than an official message sent to all customers? Doubt so.

I was told officially by pimax not some random person. If it ships tomorrow then that even better news.