Predictions for visual experience of Pimax 8k

This is based on my diy-vr experience working in Extended mode.

  1. You can see the windows desktop from corner to corner.
  2. You can watch the movie in full screen without adjusting the ratio.

Yes, you will be able to see the entire screen as if you were watching the monitor.
This is possible because it uses two displays.

So I’m looking forward to seeing the 8k screen that Pimax will optimize.


Found somewhere, not sure if its true :slight_smile:


Yes. I just saw it. :grinning:
Based on the information I have heard from the Korean vr community
I believe it is true.
It’s brighter and sharper and sde is more noticeable.

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Im interested if they will make more improvements on the display panels before delivery. Now they have large backing and large volume order for their vendor they might be able to order with improved specs

I think maybe it should be more than 2000 ppi to be completely invisible to the sde.
So I expect the pimax 8k will be more noticeable than 4k.

Talking of 2000ppi…Samsung’s forthcoming Exynos VR III headset allegedly has OLED 2000ppi with eye tracking and Foveated Rendering.

Downside is, it’s a standalone headset so 1) it’ll cost a fortune as it doesn’t use your PC graphics card or phone but all on-board, 2) It’s not 200 FOV like Pimax, 3) as it’s standalone, it definately can’t be 4K per eye as on-board CPU/GPU isn’t fast enough for native 4K per eye like Pimax 8K-X.

So that’s why I back Pimax. We’re nearly there with clean and crisp VT visuals, but not quite. So until we are Pimax fills that gap in the market

It definitely will have more SDE. Companies like Sensics and Sony used to use Microdisplays for their insanely high PPI for this reason.

Since Pimax is using LCD’s and they seem to be bright ones, I wonder if they have thought about using Nvidia’s Cascaded display design. Nvidia stacked two panels on top of each other and it gave them multiplicative improvement in pixels per inch. @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxSWD @PimaxVR

This would be cheaper for Pimax than developing brand new custom high ppi displays.Brightness would go down, but 4 panels (two panels stacked per eye) could give a huge bump in sub pixels, totally demolishing SDE over that giant FOV