PRE ORDER # P10XX: which one did I receive?

this morning I finally received my October 2018 5K+ pre order.
I still have to try it but first of all I did not understand wich model they ship me.
For what You know (please have a look at the joined images) what does it means PIMAX VR model P2?
So, is that an “old” 5K :confused: and NOT the 5K PLUS or what else?:thinking:
As I said I still not have connected it to my PC and I do not know if once connected it’s possible to know that or not… .
In short, do You have any further information?
Hopefully this topic will help someone else,
Thanks in advance for any possible comments/suggestions.:wink:

P2 is the right model my friend its not good to see they are looking after backers last again
backer 6248 no units sent to me yet


Thanks for the answer Sir.
I’m Sorry You’r still waiting for yours friend. But it seems that something has been finally “unblocked”.
You’ll get it soon.

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I live in hope enjoy your unit and have fun i hear they are good when you get them that is lol

Sincerely happy for you, I ordered my October 28, I hope my soon. Support is silent …

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Connect it to pc. P2 just means it’s the production release. The P1 as @park said is the old Pimax 4k series of headsets.

Strange though no model number saying 5k+ or 8k on even on the blackbox?

Connected to pitool it should tell you which one it is.