[Pre-Order First Round Users] Please place order in the new system with your old email address

If you are one of the first round users i.e. you have placed order on 10/24, but haven’t pay yet, please place order with the same email address you used on 10/24 via:

We have a copy of the data from the first day pre-order and will reserve your spot as the first round users.


Thank god thank you :slight_smile:

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What’s the “$1” option. Is that to make the totals an even number?

@deletedpimaxrep1 Is someone who placed a headset in their cart but was unable to enter in any credit card info into the site, and so wasn’t able to actually try to pay for it, still considered first round?

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Looks much better, but what does the deposit mean on the controller/basestation packet and what’s the 1$ thing?

Just spotted the total came down by $10 this time (appeared to be cheaper shipping&tax)?

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any clues what the full prices of the controllers and base station are?

and does this have 2x base stations, it says ‘station’ in title , picture shows 2, is there an option to just have one base station with 2x controllers.

will there be an option for just 2 controllers.

Thank you I was very worried about this

@deletedpimaxrep1 I used paypal this time which differs from my original email is there someone I can contact to get the two linked so I will be in round 1?

Please contact preorder@pimaxvr.com

Cool thanks… FYI you need to change your confirmation email:
“If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at noreply@pimaxvr.com


Need to tag @deletedpimaxrep1 so she knows to read your comment :wink:

Looks WAY better! The guy that did it 1st time round had a good attempt, but THIS is the complete way of doing it. Well done. Very difficult changing perception, so this should have been done behind the scenes and then gone live. It also should have been created a long time ago, not on launch day :grin: People will be happy with this online shop and checkout process.

Spelling error on 8k image that you might want to fix…@deletedpimaxrep1

Possible marketing ploy to deter people from 8K? :laughing:


Oh my god… The simplest thing cant be done right … I’m turning into sjefdeklerk soon.


Honestly only reason i went through the pre-order thing is because i have a working Pimax 4K here by my side. There were so many red flags that i would not ignore otherwise.

So I did not place a “Deposit” on the stations and controllers as it was unclear on just how much these will actually cost. “Deposit” indicates some $ amount > $300. Am I correct in assuming that any Steam 2.0 tracker/controllers will work and not just the Pimax controllers? Say the Valve knuckles come out ahead of the pimax controllers I can just use those?

Ok weird i was not charged shipping.