Pré order 122×××

I received an email this morning!

I checked my address and everything is ok, I do not see or there is a problem!

I am pre order p122 ×××

I hope things will go fast now

Dear friend:

Hello, I am sorry to give you a reply now. Since we were on vacation before, we are only going to work now, so the information reply has been delayed. Now we have reviewed and found that your order information is incomplete. I hope you can check your details according to the attachment. Fill in the information and fill it out, we will arrange for you to ship the goods.

Many thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR

It’s some parody, today I got the same answer to my Friday question why there are such delays in sending preorders. My number is P122x and I’m really starting to think about canceling my order.

I also have preorder 122xxx, got the same email today, although I think my address is already complete enough. May be they just want us to double check the address.

I got a email saying i did not make my adress a defolt adress thats why its not been shipped. I only have one address on my fucking acount lol

Same thing here: preorder 122xxx, same mail.
My adress is supposed to be complete too, except I left line Adress2 blanked (it’s supposed to be optional, right?)

I don’t want to miss a batch :frowning:

@Pimax-Support @Heliosurge @anon74848233

I’m with pre-order 123xxx and already had two of these emails within 3 weeks.
My contact info was as complete as it can get already at the start when I pre-ordered. I’ve checked and double checked and re-saved them again per requested.

I can go and check my details million times more and still can not come up something more I don’t have.
You have my $1,079.00 hard earned cash. How about just inform the delays of delivery like any decent company would do - I can live with that or put the stuff in the mail and give the proper trustworthy postal tracking code.

I know you Chinese people talk big about honesty but we Finns live by honesty! Perkele!

P1225xx just arrived (italy)

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Preorder 122X and no information. The logic will not encompass the rules of shipping at Pimax

Is it a joke? :transpiration: p1225xx deliver !! and my order 1220xx not send !??

@Pimax-Support @Heliosurge @anon74848233

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i think the cause is your location.they sent it come in EU by the UK.; my order is a headset 5k + with handmotion. (handmotion non arrived) maybe you have different items

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I am in France and I order just a 5K + !!!

Ok, but you open this post with the solution. They sent to me about 25 January.i don’t know which type of problem have with you andress info.

And when did you place the order?

20 november 2018 , et une seul adresse figure sur mon compte et elle est bonne

une seul adresse figure sur mon compte et elle est bonne

I ordered my 5K + almost a month earlier and I am waiting for some information when my parcel will be sent, reading in the meantime how others receive their preorders. Being with Pimax from the very beginning with 4K goggles now feels very disappointed.

As shipments are shipped out in bulk it is likely the Freight Forwarder is not shipping in order but shipping by locations.

I imagine you will receive soon

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I am from Poland, so the package will come from a warehouse in the UK, a later order from Belgium picked up your preorder. The number 1203 from Poland has already picked up his goggles. I wrote to the support to confirm that my address data is filled correctly. I hope I will get some good news soon from Pimax


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Fulfillment Status:

@Heliosurge Nice to know but that’s not the topic. Can we finally have some clarifications about that “incomplete” adress sh*t plz ?!!?


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