Post customs USA backers: concerned yet?

I got serious things I need to do! Can’t wait around my house forever.

IIRC, US backers said they received the package from USPS (EMS gets it to customs and USPS so takes it from customs to your residence). You can sign up for Informed Delivery to get notice for when it’ll arrive, see if a signature is required, and request they hold your mail for a day (so you can go sign for it at a convenient time). :wink:

Edited for clarity.

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Thank you! That’s a load off.

Can you request no signature? I wont be home for months and am stressing a little about this.

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Don’t know, you’d need to ask the Post Office. But you CAN request a mail hold (and should anyway).

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So after it is handed off to USPS, how did you guys get your USPS tracking number? Was it sent to your same email?

The only number I have thus far is the sf-express one (still in transit it seems)…

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Mine passed customs almost a week ago and has said in transit PA I think since Sunday or Monday. Im no very far from there so not sure what’s up. I don’t think usps is open today though so at least I can relax.

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You should see an update to delivered. Let us know if/when you get your second tracking number (still waiting on mine).

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My sf-express tracking number just said it got delivered an hour ago. Hopefully I get my USPS tracking number soon.

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I love how we’re all sync’d up with this lol.

Seeing the same as y’all. Do we get a USPS tracking from Pimax, or SFExpress or does the USPS do it. Wondering out loud more than anything :slight_smile:

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Wondering the same thing. USPS tracking number I would assume now since they were delivered to Cleveland? Email from Pimax?

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Hopefully we get our tracking numbers soon. Otherwise the same thing may happen as with the last batch where people weren’t getting tracking numbers until after the item was delivered. Going to suck missing the package unless you were lucky enough to be home the day they deliver.

They REALLY need to start giving people other options for delivery when they start shipping to preorders. I got a new 3d printer recently that was 1k and even with Vat the shipping was only $100 for a 40 pound item to have it shipped to me in 3 days. I would have gladly used my extra $100 to have the headset sent to me that quickly.

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Same delivered to cleveland waiting on next tracking number.

Expedited shipping is not an add-on, sir. :wink:

Doesn’t mean they couldn’t give us the option.

Any USA backers get delivery tracking or delivered yet ?

not yet… 20 characters…

So I tried emailing them to see when we can expect to get our tracking numbers and this is the response I got:

As you know, the goods were delivered together with our logistics partner’s batch to the US warehouse then, so the goods will be distributed again after finishing all local custom clearance procedures. So your parcel should be arranged within this week. We will keep in touch with our partner and update the tracking number for you soon once it’s delivered, please be patient and thanks for your support all the time.

Mine cleared customs on the 19th, or 8 days ago last Monday and immediately left customs shortly after.
It’s been sitting in Cleveland.