Positioning 3DOF Complementary Tools for Pi 4K?

The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C has beyond Eye Tracking also Head Tracking.

Does it work as a surrogate for the missing positioning 3DOF in the Pimax 4K?
If someone has it working, please confirm.

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this eye tracker is made to be mounted on a LCD monitor. It is useless if you wear a VR headset since the tracker will not see your eyes.if you use an eyetracker mounted in the headset, you do not need head positionning since it is already done in the headset.

the pimak is not missing anything, If you need absolute positioning, you are supposed to use a base station. (the way the oculus DK2 does with the camera)
With 3 dof , you can still calculate the 3 other ones, but that will certainly causes drift you cannot manage without getting a reference (that is usually created by using a reset position key or button)

Its specification says that the Head-Tracking is not powered by the EyeChip, so it does not need to have eye contact.