Poll : pimax 8k x upscaling

Good Morning

This topic is for all 400 users with Pimax 8K X

Dear Pimax we are enthusiast gamers.

We want the best VR in the world.

We want to play 8K well in 2018.

But until Now

  1. We have not seen a prototype of Pimax 8K X

  2. We have not seen Brainwarp in action (may improve framerate)

  3. We have not seen eye tracking in action (may improve frame rate)

  4. We have not seen a geforce 1080 TI demoing Pimax 8K

  5. Pimax 8K V3 prototype running ELITE DANGEROUS was at low detail and 75 hz. That pc had geforce 1080.

All this considered i would like to ask at Pimax 8K X users if they like Upscaling function.

With upscaling we are sure to play now and tomorrow with graphics beyond volta (2019) at 2X 3840 x 2160

Please this is a poll (for pimax) so write your opinion only if you have a pledge with a short answer.

Thank you

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  1. We have not seen a prototype of Pimax 8K X

A: The 8k X does not exist yet. The 8k is on Prototype V3 of 5, with V4 being worked on near as I can tell.

  1. We have not seen Brainwarp in action (may improve framerate)

@Matthew.Xu is there an ETA on brainwarp?

  1. We have not seen eye tracking in action (may improve frame rate)

A: Pimax has not divulged who their partner is for the eye tracker, and KS backers will get a voucher to purchase it later. IE I dont think it will be demoed during the few remaining days.

  1. We have not seen a geforce 1080 TI demoing Pimax 8K
    They are at Expos with lots of traveling, its not surprising. Hopefully they will.

  2. Pimax 8K V3 prototype running ELITE DANGEROUS was at low detail and 75 hz. That pc had geforce 1080.

Exactly. The base model 8k is difficult to run in and of itself, to say nothing of native.

  1. we didnt, no one promised us so we do not expect it.
  2. framerate optimisations later, hardware/software implementation first (current stage)
  3. they are not selling eye tracking yet, so let them focus on what they are currently doing.
  4. we have not seen a thousand of other graphic cards demoing pimax 8k and we dont care, as finding capable graphic card is our own task, there is no all in 1 solution, you have always tune game settings even in non vr games
  5. ok

Upscaling feature? Yes, it’s a good feature. Without upscaling 8k would be not useful with current gen. graphic cards.
Making a poll is useless, upscaler presence in 8kX depends fully on the tech and not on our wishes.

p.s. Please use question marks, otherwise it’s very hard to understand a guy saying: “Sky so open we want to fly its so blue to lets make a poll if you like wings”.


I don’t see the necessity for an upscaler since most vr applications offer supersampling settings. If you want to increase fps keep your resolution settings at 4k and use a supersampling factor of .75 or .5. Done!


AN 8K-X with upscaler = what 8K really is. I would be more interested in seeing if the X could operate (LIKE A) 8K when only using 1X displayport and then when you go on to use 2x, it uses native.

But I do share you concerns with that they haven’t mentioned much about the X. As an X backer it does make me weary, but I can understand that they are trying to prefect the 8X as its shipping date is just around the corner… My hope is that all improvements made to the 8K will then be passed to the X version + more goodness…



Without an upscaler you wouldn’t be able to use the hmd at all.

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I think this.

Pimax 8K is a product.
PIMAX 8K X is another product

  1. Pimax is working on Pimax 8K. They are not working on Pimax 8K X because they are busy with Pimax 8K and ending Pimax 8K the project Pimax 8K X Improves some steps

Until here is OK.

What is thinking Pimax ? Pimax is thinking Pimax 8K X is HI END VR so upscaling is a bad idea

What are thinking users ? I want the best Vr experience so NO Upscaling is Good for me

In the middle there is real World. Pimax has nothing to show us otherwise they did not say

“X is for the next generation graphic card”, “supports 8K input, but require PC with at least GTX1080ti (still testing, may need 1080Ti SLI”, "or the next generation graphic card e.g.Nvidia Volta), CPU i7, and 16GB memory. "

Gtx 1080ti is not next generation graphic.
Gtx 1080ti sli test. When test are finished ?
Volta. No one knows if invidia is launching titan volta or 2080 volta. No one knows gaming performance

If TITAN VOLTA PRICE is 3000$ what we do ?

Has Pimax Volta ? No they has not

I am happy to have a pledge 8K X
I am happy Pimax has this project
But with upscaling i can sleep peacefully, without i am agitated

The solution is easy.

They take pimax 8k change hardware for two DP and unlock 2 X 3840 x 2160 resolution.

If user’s graphic hardware is powerfull there is no frame rate issue . He can enjoy full 8K VR otherwise
user set 2560 X 1440 in the game and the image is upscaled
Every issue with frame rate is gone away and user is happy.

What is the hell they discard this option ?

NOW Pimax 8K X does not exist .

I hope pimax change idea with upscaling

Please before writing in this topic tell us if you have a pledge Pimax 8K X

Thank you

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I do hope 8KX could support upscaling function, when the GPU is not powerful enough, it will work like 8K, when the GPU is ready in the future, we can enjoy the native resolution.

Yes, I backed 8KX.

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Still an X backer.

Pimax’s Kickstarter FAQ indicates that the 8K X will have no upscaling option.

Hopefully this is not set in stone because not to have the option will likely hurt our performance for an undisclosed amount of time.


Afaik you can upscale easily via „graphic card scaling done by graphic card“ option. Nobody needs a scaler for 8k-x. The 8k needs a scaler because max resolution is smaler than native res. But if native res is max res, no problem at all!


That is my reasoning as well.

Okay I am not an 8k-x backer.

Upscaler has been answered. No upscaler in the the 8K-X. Also why only 400 worldwide. Pic from Faq

You can find the faq on the kickstarter page.

Now that being said with brainwarp you should be able to potenially reduce gpu load by using a lower base refresh. As recent posts from team Brainwarp will support base 60hz - 90hz. So set to 60hz activate brainwarp to get perceived 120hz.


8K needs a scaler because one (DP) cable is not enough to pass the signals for two 4K displays running at 90 Hz. On the other hand, you are right that once 8K-X exists you could do the rendering at lower res and then upscale it using gfx upscaling. But you will still need to pass two 4K signals at 90 Hz to the HMD. Since the whole interface for this config seems more complex than 8K with upscaler, Pimax has chosen to start with 8K and release 8K-X later.

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I am an 8K-X backer. I would like the upscaler in the HMD to make wireless a more viable option. They said the wireless module will support the X version but I have my doubts.

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This is Interesting.

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With Wireless modul might still be possible but will require stronger wireless for bandwidth. I think it might be possible to double the modul so to speak to double the bandwidth. But of course they need to wait to test once the wireless modul & 8k-x are available for testing.

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