Poll: hardware failure

I’d like to make a poll but I don’t know how, maybe someone can create it:

•I’ve received an 8K without hardware failure

•I’ve received an 8K with hardware failure

•I’ve received a 5K+ without hardware failure

•I’ve received a 5K+ with hardware failure


  • Ive received an 8k without hardware failure
  • Ive received an 8k with hardware failure
  • Ive received an 5k+ without hardware failure
  • Ive received an 5k+ with hardware failure

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Well if a dead pixel is hardware failure, yeah I got one.


Yes, I would consider that a hardware failure. These screens are so close to your eyes that any dead or stuck pixel is likely to be highly distracting.


I’d say a hardware failure is any defect you are unable to fix by yourself or requires a replacement component.

I would not say for example that the cable not pressed fully home is a hardware failure, but dead pixels are.


But I would need to vote fail twice :slight_smile:


Did you ever try taking your lens out to see what’s going on with the backlight bleeding?

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The poll type can’t be changed, but it really should be check-boxes, not radio-buttons, because some people have more than 1 type of headset.


That’s one downside of using overdiven panels, the pixels are more easily prone to burn out, unfortunately.


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The problem with a poll like this is that it only polls those who use the forum. And if you have an issue you may be more likely to use the forum. Just a wee stats issue

My 8k is working really well so far, no problems at all except for a software issue when I first set it up. Quite impressed so far.


Most people who use this forum are still waiting for their Pimax headset or have only very recently got theirs. I would say very few forum members if any joined because they received a Pimax headset with some problem. This is the one place where a poll like this would make sense and also its the best possible time to do it.

Thats nice to hear considering you were quite negative about Pimax before.

Not their product, Pimax themselves. I’m still not convince, I think they need some help managing their company going forward. I’m sure they would agree themselves.

The product itself is great and this latency issue (if there even is one) I can’t see it at all? Either it has been fixed or there’s a couple of faulty units out there

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Yes it’s a mess, everyone sees that.