Poll: Discontinue 8K when 8K+ releases and integrate all improvements made in Ruggedized headset versions so that there are only 4 headset models and not 10

This would alleviate a lot of confusion as to what is the best headset.

Business versions should be no different to consumer headsets, just with extra product support and a business license, that way all improvements from Ruggedized editions are implemented into the 5K XR, 5k+ and 8k+ revised models and the 8KX, and the old 8k is discontinued.

This would bring the total headset amount to 4 instead of 10. Do you agree Pimax should make these changes and consolidate all improvements into 4 headsets?

  • Yes, even if it means paying $100-$200 more.
  • No, 9-10 headset types is fine.

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I’d hope the casing is improved for the consumer models with the rubber compound but I like the blue chevron at the front of pimax’s consumer models. it’d be better if it had full RGB functionality.

I don’t think there is much confusion with just 4 headset models, even 5 if Pimax can release an oled 8K XR in the future to compete with the next gen of headsets.

  • Oculus has 4 consumer headsets now, the CV1, Rift S, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, all with different specs.
  • HTC has the Vive, Vive Pro and Cosmos.
  • Samsung has Gear VR, Oddessey and Oddessey+ (with another one rumoured in the works)
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I heard Pimax is using Sony’s displays in their headsets. Sony just released the Xperia 1 4K oled phone this year (at 6.5 inches so its still a little bit too big for use in pimax headsets which need 5.5/5.7" displays, the unreleased Sony Xperia 2 is slightly smaller at 6.1", but still not small enough) so the 8K XR may not be as far away as we think, we could see it as early as next year but more likely in 2021.

I’d like to see the new INT 2228 PPI oled display used in new headsets, but Pimax would probably need to redesign their lenses entirely to be much thicker to take advantage of that display.

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Thing is the price difference you mention isn’t in the right ballpark between ruggedized/hardened versions and consumer versions. The delta for the fab is quite high and that’s even before you layer in the extra services etc…

It’s also we serve the enthusiast through the industrial design space vs. the casual gamer space that things like the quest and rift s try to serve.


Thing is the price difference you mention isn’t in the right ballpark between ruggedized/hardened versions and consumer versions

This is the kind of detail oriented stuff you could put into a weekly briefing.

I think a lot of the issues with the community could be avoided if they just knew you guys were working at it.

People don’t realize that you guys work in the industrial space, and not the consumer space. They are understandably acting like consumers who have the knowledge of consumers.

If there was an easy way to break down for them how your supply chain works without divulging details, might go a long way to putting out the periodic brush fire.

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“Henderson additionally told Road to VR that the new RE line will feature greater shock tolerances, more robust components, metal buttons, higher lifespan switches, and accessories including a cover that can go over the front of the headset for greater protection in high-traffic environments.”

Henderson tells MRTV it will be due out “in the coming months” and that they’ll be priced “around $500-ish more on the per-unit basis.”

@Pimaxusa is it unfeasible to ask for the better rubberised plastic coating which is less prone to cracks to be included for $100 extra in all future models? even if the revised consumer models dont have all the features of RE versions, such as metal buttons and conformal coating

Removing the extra services and the business licence, the extra cost for just the rubberised plastic can’t be more than $100-200 can it? I would think that all the above bolded ruggedized additions cost $300 at most if its around $500 extra for ruggedized versions with a business license and extra support services.

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Hi spockov - those are 2 different things. The latest housings are immensely improved and you can immediately tell when you examine them. The housing in the ruggedized body adds an additional layer of protective material that all by itself is quite expensive. Both have design and process changes.


Is it possible to get replacement with the improved HMD now?
I have heard that Pimax is changing replacement chain starting this month and details will be revealed on Pimax day.
Does that change start with ‘brand new’ Pimax day?

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Will you send the new version to all the backers for free?
What? Just asking, it doesn’t hurt anybody.


Lol just the bottom line.