Poll: Boe panel or alternative Q1 2019 full-rgb strip OLED non-diamond pixel grid 4k screen for the 8K+ and 8KX

Since the 8KX will supposedly have 80hz refresh rate, that’s an indication Pimax may be intending to use the 8K’s pentile screens for the 8KX which are capped at a stable refresh rate of 80hz when overclocked.

If a full 4k RGB stripe screen as the 5k+ uses is available to use for the 8KX, that screen should be used over the 8k’s pentile screen in the 8KX and an 8k+ should be offered as well, as this would resolve the image clarity and blurriness backers have been demanding a fix for on the 8k.

A 3 supbixel per pixel non-diamond full rgb strip display should be used over a 2 subpixel pentile, otherwise the 8KX will probably have a blurry image like the 8K.

also, can pimax indicate if they plan to release a screen protector similar to the Samsung Oddesey+ offerings to reduce SDE further on the 5k+, 8k+ and 8KX models?

@deletedpimaxrep1 @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang @Pimax-Support if you could please clarify these issues that would be great, thanks

8K+ is more feasible of a product than the 8KX when the new 4k full rgb strip screens are available. We simply don’t have the raw GPU power to run the 8KX at 80hz, 60hz is even questionable as my mathematics project a 40hz maximum framerate on the 8KX with a 2080ti in current titles.

Boe is almost ready with their new plant! They started to build this new fab in 2017 and they’re planning to build the coolest 4k + 8k (and higher?) res OLED panels here. Now the latest news is that Boe has started ordering equipment for the new fab and that they’re planning to start test production early 2019: https://www.oled-info.com/etnews-boe-and-olightek-start-trial-oled-microdisplay-production-early-2019

  • Yes, I want this screen upgrade like the 5k had if it’s available.
  • Yes, I want this screen upgrade like the 5k had if it’s available, I also want the option to have an anti-SDE film placed behind the lens of each HMD to eliminate mura and SDE.
  • No, I want a pentile lcd screen with 2 subpixels per pixel that the 8k uses.

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Such panels do currently not exist. Next year several companies, like BOE, JDI, Kopin, Emagin, promised to release panels like that.


i dont have any problem to wait for that screens.


If Pimax kickstarter release wasn’t delayed we would never have gotten the 5k+. that’s a pretty good delay present, thanks pimax :+1::ok_hand:

can you guys make an 8k+ and 8KX mid next year with these 4k full rgb 3 subpixel per pixel screens when these screens are available? with an anti sde screen protection layer if possible like the samsung oddessey+ has please :sunglasses: @Sean.Huang @deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu @anon74848233 @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support


@anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu

If you really want to stay ahead of the competition next year you should be considering RGB OLED screens for the 8K X. Valve will be announcing a new headset soon with 150 FOV and high resolution so you need to be carefull. Valve has been developing high resolution screens with Emagin micro displays

You could easily sell an 8K X OLED for $1500 USD


it should also have a proximity sensor to turn off the screen completely to prevent oled screen burn in since its the deluxe edition

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… not to mention actually finding an 4k oled panel nevermind one that is 90hz capable …

@Sjef posted a few in the works being released in just a few months in Q1 2019.


that would be very nice, I’d absolutely pay to upgrade my 8kx to oled, especially if it were rgb stripe but even pentile would be worth it.

Pimax has already replied they are using the included accelerometer to do this feature

every HMD besides pimax uses a proximity sensor and not a software solution, and Pimax’s solution does not turn off the screen or the backlight so it’s an inferior solution; therefore, a proximity sensor should be offered for an 8k+ and 8kX considering they’re premium models and if they use oled, even more reason to use prox sensors to prevent image burn in.

Wait, so the screens in 8K will not turn off themselves and turn on when put on the head?
This is an ambush … Now I use WMR HMD, everything is very convenient with it, the screen automatically goes out / lights up, there are no problems at all and it is very convenient.
And in 8K I will have to pull out the USB cable from the PC each time so that the screen does not burn to idle …? It is not good.

You have to press the off button to turn it off, but I think if you do that you do need to unplug and replug but @Heliosurge can confirm. As far as I know the replacement for the proximity sensor is Steam-VR code to sleep the display, but the code doesn’t fully turn the LCD off or the backlight off, when the gyroscope is left still for one or two minutes.

I think the 8k+ is more feasible headset to run at full refresh rate than the 8KX, seeing as it would have an improved full rgb 4k screen to the 8k’s pentile screen but still retain the upscaler of the 8k that the 8KX doesnt have, therefore an 8k+ would be of the same performance as the 8k.

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Great, that is, the screens can still be turned off. I can press the button every time, it is much better than pulling the USB cable out of the PC.

Yes, I would also like to see 8K + towering over 5K + for a big difference in SDE and clarity, but not minimal as it is now … But in this case I just choose 8K and wait for 8K-X for example …

The issue that I have had with the 8K X from the beginning, is simply that no graphics cards currently exist or are soon to exist that will be able to run it. That is not the fault of Pimax or any other company, but of GPU manufacturers.

As long as you have to spend $1,000 to get a gpu that is capable enough, big Spec hmds will trickle out slowly with low adoption rates.

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8K+ with full rgb 4k screen is more feasible of a product than the 8KX when the new screens are available. We simply don’t have the raw GPU power to run the 8KX at 80hz, 60hz is even questionable as my mathematics project a 40hz maximum framerate on the 8KX with a 2080ti in current titles.
@deletedpimaxrep1 @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang @Pimax-Support

The 8KX needs brainwarp, ASW, foveated rendering or Nvlink/xGMII support with 200% stacking improvement per gpu in order to work at acceptable frames. a 45hz brainwarp might just save the day if the other alternatives don’t.

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Using a accelerator chip is not a software solution it’s a sensor same thing has an optical sensor, if implemented correctly it should provide about the same feature. Turning off the back light off the is not related to the optical sensor. You could have the same behavior as you describe using a optical sensor.

I see no problem to detect the headset at rest and turn it off after x time. then again only if well implemented. It’s easier to use a optical yes sensor but Pimax should not to.

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And from the very beginning as an 8kx backer I’ve assumed I would only be using it at full res for movies and desktop use with gaming downsampled or having settings turned down to some extent unless for very simple games. They might need to be rendered at a resolution higher than the 5k+ to get equivalent sharpness but much less than full 4k x 2 and as time goes on and new graphics cards are released I can simply downsample by less and less. Sure it can’t reach it’s full potential for gaming NOW, but it will still do other things better than 5k+ and unlike 5k+ it will only get sharper with time. If I end up buying a new headset for extra headsets two or three years down the line then the 8kx will make a better second headset for a guest/friend/spouse to use.

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Official statement was ‘headset will go sleep mode after 1 minute laying on the surface’