Poll: 8KX in 2019 or 2020?

Would you like to see an 8K X released in late 2019? Or mid 2020 if it can be upgraded to have more IPD room, more panel utilization, one cable, better plastic housing, microphones and audio input jacks, proximity sensor and 4k RGB OLED or LCD screens?

If the 8K X uses full panel utilization of its panels with no magnification, then it will have a higher PPD than the OJO/Reverb, an insane selling point. (Highest FOV + Lowest SDE)

Here’s the PPD of the current top headsets, with a subpoint in a deduction for Pimax due to its panel utilization (77-79%) and magnification.
Table includes: Pixels per degree; horizontal, vertical & diagonal pixels per inch; single eye horizontal FOV and vertical FOV values.


1.Reverb-| 25.40| 98.0 | 98.0 | 1057 | 80.61 | 80.61|
- /OJO

2. 8K X - | 21.9 | 40.3 | 71.7 | 801 | 174.31 | 98.05|
(no magnification, full rgb display)

3.Rift S - | 17.5 | 83.6 | 74.3 | 535 | 73.08 | 82.21|

(8K/X Magnified - values from 1.)
4.^/100*78| 17.1 | 31.3| 55.9 | 625 | 135.96|76.4|
(also current PPD of 8k & single eye fov values of 8K & 5K+)

5.Index - | 16.5 | 74.9 | 83.3 | 598 | 96.62 | 86.96|

Note that the values are within 1% to this image (eye rotate values)

I personally wouldn’t mind waiting till a mid 2020 release so the newest panels can be used.
Extra binocular overlap, IPD room and panel utilization can be given by reducing magnification and having panel and lens adjusted IPD, by incorporating this modification:

Into the design, which gives more IPD room and allows the screens to move; and then reducing the magnification.
Better audio input solder/new audio input, plastic housing, microphone, proximity sensor and one cable design (DP 1.4/1.5) can be worked on and then when new screen tech becomes available a screen with the same dimensions is added as the last step and the 8KX can release in Q1-Q2 2020.

Would you like to wait until mid 2020 to see the newest best panels used and in the meantime the above modifications are made?

  • Yes! Q1-Q2 2020 release, Wait to use the latest RGB OLED/LCD panels; meanwhile modifications to design are made for more IPD room and binocular overlap, more panel utilization,one cable (DP 1.4/1.5), better plastic housing (thicker or denser), better quality solder for audio input/new audio input, microphone, proximity sensor added.
  • No, I’d prefer a Q4 2019 release.

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A 8K-X using 90% of the panels would be VERY pixel dense, even with Pentile.

I´d prefer a more feasible Q4 2019 one that the mythical flawless device in 2020.


under point 1 in the table under PPD, If you divide the values by 100 then times by either 82 or 66 (depending on whether or not you think pentile has 12% less or 33% pixels) to get pentile PPD value, you still have less PPD than Rift S even without magnification further reducing the result.

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@Mantidtings Where do these Index and Reverb measurements come from ? Since Reverb has been shown only in non final prototype form, and mostly sure Index too.

Using the advertised diagonal fovs (114 and 130) diagonal panel size, and resolutions (all available information) you can get PPD, PPI, vFov and Hfov using trigonometry or pythagoras:

Calculate aspect ratios of screens using resolution, then figure out vertical and horizontal fov values using the advertised diagonal fov and the aspect ratio extrapolated from resolution.

Reverb 2048 x 2048 (1W:1H) 114dFOV
Index 1600 x 1440 (10W:9H) 130dFOV

Use basic pythagoras calculator to figure out a2 and b2. (I did this the long way around by finding the false diagonal but it’s a fair bit of work)

114 dFOV
80.61 hFOV
80.61 vFOV


PPD: horizontal display line ÷ horizontal fov
Reverb - 2048 / 80.61(hFOV) 25.40
Index - 1600 / 96.62(hFOV) = 16.559

PPI is a similar process except done using trig or pythagoras but using the diagonal panel length to find the horizontal and vertical panel length, which then gives you values you can convert into horizontal, vertical or diagonal PPI.

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The main problem is , we’ve seen that advertised fov are almost always inaccurate and misleading, so these calculations can only be taken as approximate values, not real ones, I suspect.

My “guess” is 2019 :wink:


I really hope that’s with a full resolution panel, not the “well, there’s some subpixel there” we’ve seen in the 8K. For me personally, the controllers are more keenly missed, but it’s of course a different picture for the poor sod whose loaner unit hasn’t even arrived.

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You know something we don’t, do you! :smiley:

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Is there full Panel utilization in Reverb/Rift S/ Index ?

:wink: I cant tell any details yet, but soon!

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Hello friend! Teasing is fun for people who know what’s going on, but it can get you in trouble with the rabid fans (and also potentially management). Please don’t raise hype of an 8kX when there isn’t yet news of controllers, straps, facefoams, etc. and many of us will be with 5k+s and 8ks during the Q4 release of the “8KX Full Package!!1” that seems to be the current plan for Pimax’s future.

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Any development and progress made on 8K X is of course not affecting or slowing down the progress of bringing the accessories to life. There are many people working on all these departments… :slight_smile:


Indeed as the first 2 prototypes used dual hdmi inputs.

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I’m not saying it’s stealing development, only that Pimax would be wise to learn from the 8k/5k+ softlaunch fumbles, namely being slammed as an incomplete product. Therefore it makes sense to finish up the rest of the package and then launch an 8kX as their flagship product.

Assuming that, it leaves the KS Backers in a weird spot, holding the interim products between the 4k and 8kX.

Thats what they are working on of course.

Well I wouldnt say that. The 8KX is not a brand new product killing the other 5K/8K headset. Its supposed to be an improved version of the existing Pimax range, for those who needs the improvement of course. And while improving the software and hardware, it can basically be done simultaneously as all the current headsets are all compatible with same software and accessories (well except for the old 4K maybe)


Any chance of a “Step-up”-esque program for us backers? I have $100 of coupons to put towards it if so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I really hope the 8K-X has a more durable build to it, in the same way the new “Ruggedized” versions are built. Hopefully there’s no cracking of cases on the 8K-X.


We may not even need to push the res so high on the 8K-X, clearly 4K eye would need the be the eventual end goal on a single cable HMD with full rgb! But as seen with the xtal with good lenses without magnification you can get reverb level clarity even over a wide fov with 2560x1440 res same as 5k+ while sending native signal instead of upsample as the pimax requires due to panel utilization, sticking with this would allow existing hardware to actually run this and would require far less R&D by pimax in the short term. ie. in 2020 they could release 8K X and end of 2019 they could release upgrade kit to 5k+ using same panels but better (aspherical) lenses and/or 5k x edition HMD similar to what the xtal has. This might be a better route to go, more affordable to the consumer and hardware friendly in the near term with a huge boost in clarity! It would be like a cheaper xtal or a wide fov reverb! Sticking with this res might also mean wireless could still be a reality unlike the 8K X which wigig is not even ready for.