Please unlock resolutions


HI could you please Unlock Resolutions for PiMAX 4K

we the User should be able to Choose what Resolution we want to use

We do not want to be Stuck with One or Two Fixed Resolutions

Please Fix this…

Thank you

It is not locked, it’s just not supported right now for couple reasons, use search.

Hey there

I can not seem to get any Custom Resolutions

my Specs
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit up to date
GPU GTX1070 Latest Driver

Edited my first post, i only meant no one has “locked” it, its a wrong term for this situation. It’s just not supported yet but anyone and requires to be developed first.

There is post im trying to Locate on here which a User has made Custom Resolutions in the Nvidia Panel
and I aslo would like to make some custom Resolutions


It doesnt makes much difference to steamvr supersampling. If you dont know what supersampling is - better google for it (or search on this forum, lots of threads too)

A thread where you could change the resolution via Nvidia Panel is here, however i can not recommend it for use, as i mentioned before it has not much difference to supersampling and will cause problems, in addition to this it works only with 1.1.92 (pimax version)

Short explanation about supersampling (advisable, watch first before you decide to pick another way with nvidia panel)

p.s. update steamvr to beta and you will be able to change supersampling in steamvr settings with no need to configure ini files.

The panel might not support 30 hz. The one used in the Sony Xperia is almost the same and that one doesn’t support 30 hz. It also might not support 4k @ 60 hz, also based on the Sony xperia, which SEEMS to only support that compressed. Not that that matters much since on HDMI 1.2 it’s impossible anyway.

So, most likely we can’t do anything else than hope that they’re making progress with nivdia/amd to support 4k @ 60 hz DSC. But I doubt it, because they’ve been talking to them for more than a half year now and still nothing. I think they don’t care much about this Chinese litte company…

Embrace yourselves for never getting 4k on the Pimax 4k …