Please Fix Oculus Mode for Automobilista 2 and Project Cars 2 (AMS2, PC2) - Workaround But Performance Gone

This is mostly a reminder because it was mentioned into other threads but please fix this for the next version of PiTool:

Up until version 264 of Pitool, it was possible to manually import PC2 and AMS2 in “My Games” and add a text file with the Steam VR app_id in it to start the game in Oculus mode (How to play project cars on pimax 8k, 5k without parallel projections and steamvr). The benefit is that this mode does not require “Parallel Projection” compatibility and increases performance by almost 30%. With Pitool 268, the game starts in Steam VR mode even when you choose Oculus mode in the dialog box presented by Steam when starting the game with the “Play” button:


Thank you in advance. @PimaxQuorra @Alex.liu


Yes it will be really nice to have them back



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I also play Automobilista 2 and use the oculus mode as you’ve started.
However I can still use oculus mode though with a different method.
create a shortcut to C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe
and then add the following argument to the target:
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2\AMS2AVX.exe -useoculussdk
Obviously change the G:\ to wherever your steam installation is

So in my case the Target will read:
“C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe” G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2\AMS2AVX.exe -useoculussdk
that’s all in 1 line with a space between the …64.exe" and the G:\steam…etc


ok this is the work around why did nobody tell me it’s been a year! for project cars 2 the shortcut target is

"C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe" "H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\pCARS2AVX.exe" -otherVR

obviously use your own steam library path, but the trick is the -otherVR argument


I’m looking forward to trying this tonight!

It works!

Thanks a lot.

This didn’t work for me. My shortcut says the follwoing:
“C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe” C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2\AMS2AVX.exe -useoculussdk

Is this right?

The menu and hud show up right, the rest of the world is cross-eyed.

What are the next step after making the shortcut? Just using the shortcut, do steamvr need to be on or do I import the shortcut into pitools?

Edit: I don’t have any occulus software installed at the moment, what are the required software for this to work?


Have a look here: How to play project cars on pimax 8k, 5k without parallel projections and steamvr

You need to add a text file to your game folder and you need to add a couple Oculus files if the Oculus software is not installed on your machine.

Hello and thank you for the tips! Didn’t work though :(.

I’ve copied the files and even have oculus home installed. Txt file is according to spec. If I double click the shortcut I made from the directions in this thread I get an application load error. Starting from pitool or oculus mode in steam does not fix it either. Any ideas?

Edit: it looks like it works after I unchecked hidden area mask in pitools. Still I don’t understand the reason for making the shortcut. If I launch from steam tools this shortcut doesn’t appear to used? I’m out of my depth here.

Only problem now is that the position is way of in the game. Anyone got tips to fix that?


In Oculus mode, you can only center your view horizontally; the height will not change. When you start the game, you need to make sure the headset is at the height you want it; the height of your eyes.

It is a bit annoying but the performance boost is worth it.

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Yea the performance boost is very nice! Thanks again for the new tips. Speaking of performance, how do you measure FPS, GPU headroom etc when using Oculus mode?

I haven’t found a way to monitor FPS and GPU utilization in this mode. I really miss FPSVR.

What I do to test a car and track combo is start a race with the number of AIs that I want (in the middle of the pack) under overcast weather. If everything is smooth, I know that all my daytime races there will be smooth. Overcast is pretty much the most demanding daytime scenario. I don’t really get why a completely white sky is so demanding though…

The shortcut works and it allows the starting of AMS 2 in Oculus mode.

Unfortunately, the performance gains are pretty much gone with Pitool 268. I did extensive testing and there’s a loss of about 19% fps with 268 vs. 263. With 268, the performance is the same in Oculus mode as in Steam VR mode.

I did my tests by setting up the HMD on a stable surface and then always start the exact same race, same conditions, same position in the field. I watched the Steam fps counter on my flat screen:

Pitool 263: 58fps
Pitool 268: 47fps

I also tested FFR and concluded that it reduces fps in this game.

Pretty disappointing. I’m back with Pitool 263 but I’ll continue to use the shortcut as it’s more practical.

Are you guys getting the same results?

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Well that throws out my idea of trying it over PP On.

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Pitool 263: 58fps
Pitool 268: 47fps

is it just this game have this fps loss, or is it overall fps loss in any games ?

if i can switch to pitool 263 whit my 8kx ,and gain 8-9 fps , this is huge for acc

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I haven’t tested any other games. I use the HMD only for AMS 2 and RF2. I haven’t tried ACC for a while. It looks and perform terrible in VR.

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Slightly off topic, but for those who play rFactor 2 did you know there’s a setting you can make in one of the config files that allows you to turn of parallel projection?

I only ask cause i only found out a month or so ago, as the setting isn’t available from any in game menu


Yes I know. It made a big difference.

I actually wrote a post in the AMS 2 forum not long ago asking that they do the same. No response from them though.

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I wonder if there is a way for Pimax to engineer a permenent route around the parallel projections requirement for all games. It would make a huge difference it is so annoying having to pay that performance penalty. It puts me off even using the titles that require it.