Plan C shop price issue?

Hello all, can someone explain with the price in the shop and in the plan C power point is different?

@Matthew.Xu , @SweViver, @PimaxUSA

All of this looks very amateurish and confusing to say the last…

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What about those that order early and never get the option to select Deluxe Audio Headstrap? Can we get FREE upgrade and also FREE shipping?

Oh, free shipping is only eligible for who live in China.

I asked about it yesterday and got this answer.

Nobody should order anything until someone from Pimax says something. They just leave a botched store up and disappear from answering questions. And people want to give them 1000 dollars blindly? Insanity.


I am in Hong Kong I believe that still count as China :smiley: so why do I get this price in the second option only?

Anyway you are right not ordering anything until ALL questions get CLEAR answer.

@SweViver I have got the same problem (keep the eye tracking coupon is not calculated in the right way). Can you help us with this ?

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