piTools feature request: always-on smart smoothing

This would be beneficial for when your running in 144hz mode especially as reprojection is less noticeable when running reprojection at high frame rates.


NOT agree, in some games Smart Smoothing cause flickering.

I think that’s why @aesopfabled is asking for an option to toggle it always on. All features added should be optional. :slight_smile: Best part of Pimax can be the customization.


Am I wrong in saying that, for the common setting, you enable Smart smoothing, it’s ALWAYS on? the feature is there already, no?

Or is it when you set 144Hz refresh rate, it automatically sets msarts smoothing to on? And the users can decide to toggle it off if they want?

(I never use Smart Smoothing as it introduces too many visual artefacts/distortions, but I unfortunately have a 202 5K+ so 110Hz is the max… (Sorry, sometimes I still feel a bit… :thinking: ‘cheated’ about that, as other kickstarters received a (very slightly!) higher spec’ed product, even though we backed the same thing. But the higher refresh rate was an unforeseen bonus/extra nonetheless and I still enjoy my 5K+, I currently use it @ 90Hz so I’m actually fine with it :+1:)

I just want them to get everything else working for everyone. Having all the settings save would be nice for a start.

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No smart smoothing does not perpetually run it’s algorithm. Only when the native FPS fall below a threshold.

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I would really like this to be an option. I find the switching between smartsmoothing and non-smartsmothing to be distracting.

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I agree with the idea, and it was requested long time ago, here is the thread

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Yeah I’m not surprised. It’s been a steamvr thing for a while now.

I might be amiss, but isn’t smart smoothing just inserting “frame guesses” when you cannot reach full 144hz? I always assumed that is why the frame rate is halved. This way it can insert a picture extrapolated from the previous one before the next one arrives and effective refresh time stays at 144hz.

I have the same assumption about “how it works”, but in some cases it switches between full framerate (unlimited) and the halven one (e.g. 72fps in 144hz mode) too often which cause jitter/stutter.
Thats why we are asking about “alwasy-on smoothing” feature (somekind of FPS-lock) to leave framerate halven-locked even if there is enough power to go to higher framerates in some game scenes.


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