Pitools and Vive trackers


I recently purchased Index Knuckles and had planned to use my old Vive wands as feet trackers using steam vr usb dongles to connect them. However, it seems that Pitools will only allow 2 controllers to be connected at once, and I am unable to add them via steamvr as it does not recognize the Pimax as a headset. Is there plans for allowing pitools to pair with extra controllers or Vive trackers in the future?

Check out pitool version
I haven’t tried trackers but it looks like you can connect them.

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I’m in the same boat. I can’t get it working as yet and i’ve two watchmen dongles which are converted. Hoping the next version of pitool will offer some kind of pass through.

I’ve managed to get one wand to convert and get picked up as a tracker in steam. But it confuses the hell out of pitool when I turn on the corresponding index controller. It thinks I have two the same connected.

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If you don’t already have additional external watchman dongles you will need to get two (i.e. buy two Steam Controller dongles and reflash them as watchman dongles) as you can only pair one device per dongle. The headset contains two internal watchman receivers - one for each controller.

When you pair trackers or secondary controllers to the external watchman dongles, your regular controllers should be powered on and paired to the headset first so that the secondary controllers or trackers don’t pair to the headset’s internal watchman receivers instead of the external dongles.

Also check out https://www.feelthree.com/2019/05/convert-your-vive-controllers-to-feet-trackers-to-use-with-valve-knuckles/ for more info on setting up the controller to be recognized as a tracker.


I’ve got the same problem: using old wands as trackers with vive pro works fine.
But in pitool, “vive wands-trackers” are detected as controllers, even using trackers-pairing tool.
Tried all pairing sequences i could.
I will try openvr input emulator, maybe it could lure pitool. Thank you for the link.

I was attempting to use Natural Locomotion to switch the controllers to trackers. I will give it a shot using that beta and the update method described in that link and see if that works.

It works!!!
Thank you for your help


I was wondering how you got it working? I tried with the methods above and setup my controllers as trackers and I see to be able to pair them in pitool but it doesn’t show them as the blue image in pitool as it does when things are connected and it doesn’t show them in steam.

They all have green lights showing they are paired but they are greyed out in pitools and not there in steamvr either.

I had to set them as “generic_tracker” and not “generic-tracker” in config files.
I confirm they should display as “blue image” in pitool, as real trackers


Great. I’m looking forward to trying this. I currently can only use pitool 144 and not 180. But hopefully they should release a new one soon.

That was the problem! Thanks a lot! Glad to get those working so I can kick some people in blade and sorcery haha.

Yeah, thanks in advance. I’ve been waiting months to get this going.

Anyone else who has done this having issues with steamVR randomly deciding your foot trackers are disconnected? Mine will work for awhile then randomly steamVR will grey them out even though they are still on and connected and blue in Pitools. Only way to get them back on is to restart steamVR.

Ah, dammit. I got one wand converted, but that page and guide is down! Anyone have any other links with instructions?

Found a copy:

at your very own risk…

repeating: at your very own risk

Here you can find VIVE Tracker Role Changer 1.0


Turn off the headset before using it

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