Pitool v1.0.1.272 Beta

Pitool V272 Beta

Release Notes

  1. NEW Feature - Compulsory smooth option. This is a locked frame rate option. It can be set to a half or a third. It caps the frame at a portion of the overall framerate. For example, if you set the headset to 90Hz, one-third mode will cap frame generation at 33 FPS and half will cap it at 45 FPS. This can be enabled with or without smart smoothing.
    This enables smooth operation in the most challenging scenarios.
  1. Added Sword Controller pairing capability.
  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download Link :


In case you having flickering issue while running 90hz on 8KX, please flash this firmware.
This firmware version is different from the Pitool V272’s M299 firmware.
Please take note!
P2_RELEASE_8KX_M299_t20210922093742_r6066b70.dfu - Google Drive

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact @PimaxQuorra / @PimaxUSA on our OpenMR forum as we are ready to provide assistance.

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