Pitool UI problem: transparency, invisible text

Hi all!
Pitool (installed from the PiToolSetup_1.0.1.132_212.exe, the installer was downloaded from https://pimaxvr.com/pages/pitool, however the site states that the latest version is v1.0.0.132)
NVIDIA Driver: 430.86
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (Build 17134)

For some time my Pitool began to look like this (white rectangle in the middle is a popup):

Tried to reinstall - it looks the same. The problem appeared about 2 weeks ago after the regular update and remains to this day.
Is this a known problem? Is there any workaround?

Goto Nvidia Control Panel. Fxxa option.



Thank you very much!


Your welcome. Which headset did you receive?

I’ve got Pimax 8K recently.

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