Pitool Trouble Codes

Hi Community!

@Doman.Chen has provided me with Current Pitool Trouble Codes. I had them translated to English & have after Doman & Sean Reviewed them obtained Authorization to release.

I have put links in Pitool Downloads & @Davebobman’s Table Of Content Wiki

For your convienance here is a link. It is in PDF format on my GDrive.

Pitool Trouble Codes March 2019


Thanks! I’m sure it was a lot of work compiling this info and it should be helpful, but unfortunately, some of these are more funny than useful. :laughing:

“HMD device into alone significantly above”
“firmware heavy brush helmet”
“missing, manslaughter antivirus software, not inserted”
“Significant exchangeable head”

How heavy does my firmware need to be before I brush it off?
Where can I go to exchange my head? :rofl:


Okay looks likw print to pdf did some interesting things. Will review excell file & maybe post the excel file instead. Lol

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Did you accidentally upload you rough draft (google translate)? :grin:


You betcha. But it was in my defence evaluated as my first post says before sharing. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

Will load it up on a full pc & take a better look.

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@Heliosurge, do not translate it by Google, it wiil do more harm than good. Get the Chinese original and find native speaker who has at least It background and speaks English, if you really want to manage that. Maybe some user on this forum.

But honestly, this should be the job for Pimax, not you, or ask @PimaxUSA for the help.

Well i had started trsmslating it & first 5+ translated well.

I requested the list to help the team as they are spread still pretty thin atm. PimaxUSA does have a large load himself getting the USA division up & running while also exploring other areas to help improve a wide variety things for pimax that will be highly beneficial.