Pitool not working and headset not tracking

Just got my 8k headset today and can’t get it to work at all. Download the pitool and it won’t stay open. Only stays open if I disconnect from internet. Also once open with internet not connected the headset will not track.

To add to my above issues when I go to the help icon in the pitool and click diagnose everything is good except is says missing vc component. No idea why? I’m not tech savvy at all and purchased the headset from a early backer off eBay.

Can you tell us your backer number pleeeease?

Didn’t get the backer number. As I said I purchased off eBay. Headset works fine but can’t get the pitool to work the way it’s suppose to. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it 15 times as many different ways as I can come up with and it always does the same two things. I either get a error immediately following the download or if it’d finishes and then I launch the app it flashes the Pimax logo but doesn’t load the pitool up just immediately shuts down. If I disconnect from the internet is the only way I can get pitool to open up.

The people who can help you will probably want to know what version of PiTool you are playing with?

I’ve tried downloading both the.84 version and .90 version to no avail. Operating system is windows 10

Keeping in mind that I do not have my headset and know almost nothing about troubleshooting the Pimax, here’s some thoughts.

That kind of issue can happen when Windows has an update. Have you rebooted your computer, allowing it to complete any and all updates?

That kind of issue can be caused by viruses and malware. Are you running anti-virus software? Do you check for malware? (I use Malwarebytes by Microsoft)
If you are running AV software, try turning it off for the installation.

Hope someone with more experience in the Pimax chimes in.
Good Luck!

Btw, the next questions would involve your hardware: what gpu and what cpu are you using?

My system has windows defender so that would be what I assume is my anti virus software. As stated above I’m not very tech savvy. I know my windows 10 is updated to the latest version and I did perform a virus scan last night which showed nothing so all should be good on that end. I purchased the headset for a substantially higher price because I didn’t want to wait for my pre order of the 5k plus which I’m still going to get at some point (4 months down the road lol). Any help I can get for this issue is much appreciated. My intention for the headset is to run iracing only. That’s the only game and app I ever use. Also why I wanted the Pimax so bad with the wider FOV. If i can just find a solution to why I can’t download the pitool software properly I think that would go a long way twords getting me up and going

Nvidia GTX 1080ti with intel i7 7700

Missing Vc component error in Pitool?
Maybe need vc update ? → http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/5/6/056dcda9-d667-4e27-8001-8a0c6971d6b1/vcredist_x64.exe

Yes, it would!
Well, unfortunately, I think we’ve covered the basics, now you need to wait for one of our early backer/receivers to catch your post and try to help.
Might take a little while but shouldn’t take too long. Also, don’t forget to email support while you’re waiting. -if you haven’t already.

That actually went away once I turned the internet connection off and when in to pitool and disabled tracking. At that point the headset comes to life with visuals and will work in steamvr home but once I reconnect to the internet the pitool will immediately shut down. So to this point I have never been able to get the headset to work with my base station in either pitool or steam. If the base station is active when I load pitoo the headset won’t track or function. Just has a blue screen

I guess I can try to email Pimax via customer support. Haven’t went that route yet because I have no confidence in getting a response. I sent a couple emails in regards to my 5k plus preorder and never got any response at all on that so I have no faith in being able to communicate with them to resolve a issue like this which would more than likely take several different layers of communication to finally resolve

UPDATE. I turned off firewall and RE downloaded pitool version .90 to no avail. App still doesn’t launch and run.