Pitool is on 9-axis-tracking even lighthouse tracking is selected


in pitool (current version I selected lighthouse tracking. When switching on my 8K+ (new version without power supply), there are 2 possibilies of what is happening, completely random.

In half the cases, everything is how it should be. pitool first shows “not tracked” with blinking base station symbols, and then, after a moment the base station symbols turn blue, and it’s tracked by lighthouse.

In the other half cases, it is on 9-axis-tracking, even though lighthouse tracking is still selected. I can select 9-axis-tracking, and then select lighthouse tracking again - nothing happens. pitool is in a faulty condition, where the selection of lighthouse tracking is not possible. In this case, I have to really interrupt the power of the HMD and power it on again. Switching it off and on with the power button or “reboot hmd” or “restart service” doesn’t help.

this should be fixed.

I contacted the support, and after some discussion they sent me an exchange headset, which doesn’t have the described defect. The tracking board of the old headset was defective.

Nevertheless, I still think that pitool should be improved in this point. It should be possible that there is an error message if this defect occurs.