PiTool game settings

Does it makes sense to open a thread with specific game settings? Every game needs different settings in PiTool and sometimes it’s not easy to find the best values…


I use the same settings all the time PT 1 Normal 72 Hz No Smooth Mask On. PP when necessary. I don’t even launch Pitool except for Oculus games and to turn on PP on rare occasions.

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That might work for you but will not be ideal for everyone. I’m interested in this topic because the games I play do require different settings and it would be nice to learn from others experience.

For example in PCARS2 you need to check compatible with parallel projections otherwise you get double vision. You don’t need this setting for iRacing.

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Like I said “PP when necessary” but there is no wrong answer. What ever works for you. I just see no reason to keep PT running, not that it has much overhead that I can tell. Also PT keeps setting fov Small and Smooth On at launch. Not launching it, Steam then uses my last closing settings. Which I use for almost all open vr titles.

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Mine doesn’t.

But then I have other weird bugs. For example if I change my headset from 120hz to 90hz and back to 120hz it does not return to the same FOV. That is both the Normal FOV and small FOV are smaller than normal. Then if I reboot the headset it will return to the normal sized FOV’s

And of course I have the FPS bug I have mentioned on the forums and the issue with IPD’s and rendering between the different modes that should not exist.

But for general use it does not matter if I launch Pitool or if I don’t, my settings always remain where I left them. I don’t usually launch Pitool, I usually don’t even launch Steam and just let iRacing open SteamVR without Steam needing to be open. But rFactor2 public beta needs a special launch procedure. So for rf2 beta I need to shut down SteamVR but have Steam open and launch rf2 from Pitool. I don’t need to launch from Pitool but it is less clicks. If I launch it with SteamVR already open it crashes. But if Steam is open, SteamVR is closed and I launch it from Pitool, it is one click. That is unless it needs to be rebooted for updates, then I need to close SteamVR and relaunch it from Pitool.

Ah the hoops we jump through for VR.