Pitool feature request: color wheel in HMD settings

Requesting that contrast and brightness settings for red, green and blue be added to the HMD settings page.

Currently I have to set it for every game individually. From Pitool ver. 264, there has been a reddish tint on my 8kx which I am correcting using this setting.

Have you tried setting it globally?

Where is the global setting? If I set it in common settings, it does not change for individual game settings

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Okay meant common. But yeah Guessing common settings do not get passed to game profile override.

Maybe @arminelec can implement an option for a base default profile that can be pre applied to a game profile.

The color settings is also broken in PE making it unusable for me. After the new 90hz update, PE is making a lot of sense to use as I do not have to change the refresh rate for most games in 8KX.

I messed with color settings a lot, and the best for me was -1 contrast Red, and +1 Brightness Blue. I can see every shade now, where initially the last 3 red looked the same and first blue was basically black: Contrast - Lagom LCD test


I think it’s a Pimax headset quality issue also, as others don’t seem to have the same problems as I. My left eye needs one contrast value lower than the right.

I have decreased contrast in only red and green. Increased bright in all colors by 1.

I have perfect image now with these settings.


Yeah I’ve noticed a slight difference between left and right eye as well, but only when looking at my headset from far away… not noticeable when wearing it. Colors are very natural-looking in the 8KX, which I prefer. Valve Index and Quest 2 colors “pop” just a little more, but it’s almost too vibrant. Maybe that’s the workaround that manufacturers are doing for an LCD vs OLED display?

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