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Pitool Trouble Codes PDF 03/19 - Heliosurge Gdrive

Pitool Download Links here:

Pimax Day 2

Previous Beta

Index Controller (ALPHA)

Brainwarp Beta (Latest Nvidia Required)


Brain Warp BETA

Pitool Beta

NVIDIA graphics driver 419.17+ REQUIRED


Pitool FW 193

NVIDIA graphics driver 418.91+ REQUIRED Must be downloaded and installed before you connect the VR headset.**

OLDER Soon To Be Not Be Supported by New GPU Drivers

Legacy Pitool

Please Post Firmware Links here


Useful Links:


Pitool FW 244

Release Notes Oct 30/2019

New Features:

    1. New firmware with 120Hz mode for Pimax 5K+;
      –True 120Hz refresh rate, works with small FOV.
    1. Color selection for the front “chevron” light.
      –Switch between 3 colors: Green, Blue, Aquamarine.
      More colors will be added soon.


    1. Physical resolution reduction
      –The adaptive physical limitation of panel pixel area utilization when FOV is reduced. Approx 10% performance / framerate increase in VR.

Pitool v1.0.1.180 _BETA

Release Notes July 26/2019

New Features:

    1. Added Motion Compensation.
    1. Black Level (5kXR)

Issues Fixed:

    1. Includes many bug fixes and optimizations.
    1. Update Index controller compatibility and this includes updates for the use of Index controllers with some gaming titles.
    1. Update Oculus Software support.


    1. Bug fixes and optimizations to the PiTool UI.
    1. Optimize the usage rate of GPU, which will improve the performance. There were situations where the GPU would not be fully utilized and this fix should allow the GPU to be fully utilized.
    1. UI now asks you to identify your controller when you attempt to pair them. This allows for further optimization for the pairing process.
    1. Fixed a bug where there was a small possibility that the headset would not properly initialize. When this would occur the screens would not properly start and the headset red light would appear.

Pitool v1.0.1.144 BETA FW 212

Release Notes June 30/2019

Main Details

  • Index Controllers Support
  • Video settings Contrast RGB
  • Vertical Offset
    TBA later

Pitool v1.0.1.132 FW 212

Release Notes May 31/2019

Tba later

Pitool v1.0.1.129 BETA FW 212

Release Notes May 5/2019


Release notes:

What’s New:

  • Add VIVE Only Menu to adapt VIVE exclusive game.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix NOLO vibration issues on part of games e.g. Beat Saber.
  2. Fix the ineffectiveness issue of smart smoothing on N card.
  3. Fix no rendering model issue of the controllers on some games e.g. Derail Valley.
  4. Fix the probability crash of some games (such as IL-2) when FFR is on.
  5. Fix the issues on switching refresh rate.


Optimizing blackness on 5K XR.

This is a Beta test Release not a formal release, only for test.

Pitool v1.0.1.121 BETA FW 211

Release Notes Apr 5/2019


New Features:

  1. Add color contrast and brightness adjustment (BETA function)
  2. Add the function of IPD offset adjustment (when physical IPD adjustment is unable to continue anymore, try to use this function, Beta function)
  3. Support Knuckles controller
  4. Update Nolo controller support (Support latest NOLO_UPDATE)
  5. Support Oculus v1.35

Bug Fixes:

  1. The helmet can’t be connected due to the long enumeration time of USB devices in computer
  2. Some graphics card which do not support 5K Plus+90Hz can not be connected to the headset.
  3. Exceptionally high memory occupancy by piservice.
  4. FOV become smaller when AMD graphics card adjusts IPD.
  5. OC game - Lucky Tale 's picture height is not right.
  6. Modify the method of closing the screen and brightening the screen after the helmet is immobile for a period of time to repair the occasional problem of inability to wake up after sleeping.
  7. Incorrect rendering model of locator
  8. Incorrect display of individual base station location when there are more than two base stations
  9. Some headset adjust IPD will flash black picture.
  10. Excessive display of some OC games.
  11. Collapse of Pack Services on Non-20xx Graphics Cards and the Unusable Smart Smoothing.


  1. Optimizing Smart Smoothing Effect.
  2. Optimizing the smoothness of the picture when adjusting the IPD.
    3.Optimizing AMD GPU Stability of Connection.

This is a BETA test Release not a formal release, only for test.

Pitool v1.0.1.112

Release Notes Mar 19/2019

New version features

  1. Brainwarp1.0 release.
  2. Open FFR (Support Turing Architecture and RTX Series only)

Bug Fixes

  • Solve the crash issues in some Oculus games.
  • Solve the low-resolution issues in some Oculus games.
  • Solve the issues that some Oculus games will pop up the dxdiag UI when they start.

Pitool v1.0.111 BETA

NVIDIA Graphics Driver 419.17+ REQUIRED

Release Notes Mar 2/2019

New Version Features:

  1. Fixed Foveate Rendering Enabled (Nvidia RTX Series Only)

Bug Fixes:

  • Solve the crash issues in some Oculus games.
  • Solve the low resolution issues in some Oculus games.
  • Solve the issues that some Oculus games will pop up the dxdiag UI when they start.

Known Issues:


Pitool v1.0.1.109 FW 193

NVIDIA Graphics Driver 418.91+ REQUIRED Must be downloaded and installed before you connect the VR headset.

Release Notes Feb 27/2019

New version features:

  1. Added Brainwarp new features, such as refresh rate switching and Smart Smoothing function.
  2. Modify the VR headset name as Pimax 5K/8K which is shown in SteamVR.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix tracking issues in known scenarios.
  • Fix tearing screen issue in games.
  • Fix button related issue for wireless controller (such as Lone echo cannot use grip button)

Known Issues: (@Sean.Huang)

  1. Fixed Foveate Rendering(FFR): Disabled/Removed
  • From Nvidia 20series due to @Sean.Huang please fill in.
  1. ?

Pitool BETA FW 191 Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0

Beta Test Release notes: Jan 29/2019

New Features:

  1. New Added Smart Smoothing function (similar to Oculus “ASW” and SteamVR “Motion Smoothing”)
  2. New Added Refresh rate switching function
  3. New Added Fixed Foveated Rendering

Function Introduction:

1. Smart Smoothing:

  • Taking the refresh rate of headset is 90HZ as an example, when the frame rate of the game is 45 (refresh rate/2) to 89FPS, Smart Smoothing function will be automatically turned on, and the rest of situation will not be turned on.

Known issues:

  • After Smart Smoothing function comes to be active, some games will show abnormal display, such as dark dynamic scene in light background, the phenomenon of screen tearing maybe will occur.

2. Refresh Rate Switching:

  • 5K PLUS: 90/72/64HZ.
  • 8K: 80/72/64HZ.
    Note:This function is used in conjunction with Smart Smoothing function.

Known issues:

  • When the headset switches refresh rate , it will occasionally show splinting the screen, and the upper and lower colors are inconsistent (this issue also happen when restarting the computer with a headset connected).

  • The brightness display effect of different refresh rates is different.

  • When 5K PLUS headset switch the refresh rate, it will occasionally go to black screen, you could recover by re-plugging the power adapter.

  • In reliability test cases, any operation has a probability (20%) that the brightness of the screen is inconsistent.

3. Fixed Foveated Rendering(FFR):

  • When this function is turned on, the visual field of the headset edge will be visualized. At present, according to the range of visualization, it can be divided into three levels, conservative, ballanced, aggressive. (Currently, FFR only supports RTX20xx, GTX10xx will be our next step. So pls don’t try to enable FFR on GTX10xx at this moment.)

Known issues:

  1. When turning on this function, some games maybe could not work on FFR. When this occurs, please try to restart the game or turn on the function again.

  2. Some games show abnormal display after turning on this function, such as blurred inner right eye and blue border on the edge of the game.

  3. After turning on this function and the game starts, the game maybe will suddenly crash, such as Payday 2.

When the above three or more abnormal phenomena occur, please let the us know, which game you have played, and provide us the log accordingly, thanks for your support to Pimax!

Pitool FW 181

Release Notes: Jan 15/2019

New Features:

    1. Brightness Control. Users can now adjust. Low/Normal/High

Known Issues:


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Link to @light’s complete listing of Pitool Downloads.


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