Pitool 269 1 dollar fee

do i need to pay 1$ in fee to use pitool 269
? and all text is china…

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Do you have a link? Last pitool announced was 268. Though they might have forgot to announce 269

check updates in pittol 268

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Thanks will do. Definitely sounds off. @pimaxquorra can you also look into this?




I will ping @Alex.liu for details on the release. Maybe @PimaxUSA can assist getting these details quicker as well.



I see they still haven’t fixed the “avialble” text :slight_smile:


It’s not in Chinese here… :slight_smile:

FYI - Pimax Experience is not included so it needs to be reinstalled.


Thanks Doc. We really need quality changelogs like @SweViver & @arminelec are doing with PE vs these minimalist vague ones.

Like which headset models :laughing:


That Pitool 269 screwed up my system last night. When I try to install it, it says something like unable to delete certain files so the install won’t go through and it gives me the option to abort, retry, ect…and I retry and it still would not work. I ended up aborting and reversing what was before but then my headset and nothing is tracking…what the hell. So then i uninstall everything and reinstall Pitool 268 and latest PE and it work again. I mean do Pimax test this thing before they roll out? I should expect no complication if it give me an update notification. Now I am hesitant to update 269.

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There should be no fee to update the Pitool to 269 version.
If your Pitool showed Chinese wording, we suggest you to redownload it via this page.

If you still having issue while updating to 269 ver, please contact with our support.



No matter how much they test it there can be cases like this with specific configurations (i.e. “client side”). Windows isn’t exactly the most streamlined/easily manageable operating system as updating/installing just copies files on top of what’s already there.

Heck, even Microsoft makes huuuge mistakes sometimes when releasing updates to the world (and that impacts millions of people). Does that mean that they don’t test either? :wink:

There’s no “package management” system like on other operating systems.

I’m glad I’m not working with Windows (I’m a UNIX/Linux admin) since it’s hit and miss in a lot of cases and often You’re not sure what caused (or even fixed) an issue.

I haven’t experienced anything weird with this PiTool version (yet) and actually haven’t had many issues generally (besides a lot of usability bugs (and typos) along the way) - and I usually dodge most of the issues people run into, but I try to change as few things as possible at a time on my Windows install to be able to easily identify any possible cause to an issue.


still chinese 1 $ fee , i have uinstalled and reinstalled. stilll the same and i have payed 1 $ and still ask for 1$

and when i play games, the pop up message about 1 $ fee is popping up. and i get back to windows.

WTF is this?

@PimaxQuorra please get on top of this asap. If the rumour spreads that customers have to pay for updates it will be detrimental to the already strained reputation of your brand.


That notice can be changed to English, when you click on the button on the right side and cancel the notice. Then you change the language in PITOOL to English and that’s it. When you restart pitool it will show up again and say something like that it has been detected that you have not paid the taxes for any of your shipments and that you must do it in 15 days or your system will stop working, that’s why the other button on the left side It sends you directly to the tax payment page and it is not that you have to pay $ 1 but that you pay what you owe.

Has Pimax incorporated in this new Pitool some kind of black list with the serial numbers of the debtor products? Is it a generic ad or do you really know how to detect who owes and who is up to date with the payment?


If this is the case, this is a whole new level…

@PimaxUSA can you please comment on this new ‘functionality’?


I guess this is the famous $1 topping Pimax uses to collect the outstanding bills. You are supposed to “buy” so many $1 payments that correspond to your debt. Not that I would recommend that.

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Hey normal pimax loses a lot of money with unpaid customs

If you have to pay your dues there will be no problem.
The I understand pimax (radical at least)

1$ is the page of the shop for regularized
Because in the end it will be the owner of the hmd
Who will be blocked
No more possible to buy anything on the shop and no more update pitool

Absolutely not!

Of course it isn’t the owner of the HMD that gets blocked in the end, it’s the user.

Just think about what this will do to someone who purchases the HMD 2nd hand, only to find out they aren’t able to use the HMD.

There is no contractual relation between the user of the HMD and Pimax, only between the original purchaser of the HMD and Pimax.

This is some real Wild West bullsh1t if it turns out to be true.

Gimping the use of a product via blacklisting serial numbers rather than actually making sure you have your business in order by developing a working sales department is insane!

Again, I am asking @PimaxUSA to release a statement on this; he is the actual COO of Pimax from what I gather, might be annoying to hear of this only once the media inquires about what is going on.


My taxes is already payed. So when is the pitool back to normal ?
its annoying to play sim racing and hmd get black , becuse off the popp opp message about taxes.