Pitool %.259 Brightness problem

For starters I have a Pimax 5k+ sn 202 (110 hz), since I put the latest firmware and the latest version of Pitool %.259. I have a problem that stays with me all the time, no matter what firmware or Pitool I install.

In mod 110hz my brightness is ok, but as soon as I change to 90 72 64 hz, the image gets darker. I can’t fix the problem, if someone has the solution I’m interested, thanks =).

Pitool 244 has backlight control in it. Try downgrading to 244 and increase the backlight then go back to 259.


Thank you for your answer, do you have a link to download the 244 please =)?

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Sorry I can’t find 244. Try out the 245 or lower versions.


thx @TOOOOHKA =) i will try.

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This workaround works until you change refresh rate


Me too, i have now only 72, 90, 120 and 144 hz… but at 90Hz it’s a lot dark the image…

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I was going to try this fix, but because I change refresh rate and FOV a lot, depending on the game or if I’m streaming, I’ll hold off for now.

The most annoying thing about the dim screen for me is that I can now notice flicker at the top of the screen in my left eye.

Same problem, even with an old driver.

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