Pistol Whip from oculus launched via PiTool Strange Distortion and rotation

I bought Pistol Whip on oculus store due to cross buy with PC.

Revive shows a pictures on desktop, I can move the headset and see it moving and head audio but in the headset you just see a black screen.

Launching directly from PiTool however it works. But there is problem. For some reason the distortion is really bad. Not the usual edge distortion which i no longer see. But this is like vertical distortion and strange movement like when i turn my head to left the screen seems to rotate and a slightly different angle. Its nauseating.

Can anyone else try playing Pistol Whip through oculus and Pitool and confirm this?

It sounds like the way Elite Dangerous looks with Parallel Projections turned off.

Have you tried with Parallel Projections on?


Try pitool at 0.5 or 0.75

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Definitely just an Oculus issue, steam version working perfectly no PP with pitool 192.


Yes that did it, Parallel Projection On did the trick. Thanks!


its a revive issue with pimax. I played through revive and the same odd rotation was happening there as well, but turning on PP fixed it.

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