Piplay reset default audio device at restart

I’ve got multiple audio outputs on my pc and I disabled the option to automatically set piplay as default audio.
After every restart default audio output gets automatically reset to a different one, the one that Piplay has decided to be my “default”.
For ex. I set output to headphones and after restart it resets to monitor speakers, I set it to pimax and after restart it resets to monitor speakers again.
Every piplay reinstall changes the “default” audio device it defaults to after restart, so maybe next reinstall it always reset to headphones.

I can’t confirm from which piplay has this been happening, but it’s been like this all the latest versions.
PC has been formatted and having piplay installed reproduces the same behaviour.
Uninstalling piplay resolves the problem.

Since version 2.x.x Piplay switches around default sound output between devices after restart

@Pimax-Support @Doman.Chen

Would like to say I have the same issue on my rig with latest piplay has been happening on the last 2 beta versions. I actually thought it might be windows issue forgetting the default audio. But I have an identical rig with 1.1.92 and default audio works fine on that one.


Same for me, it worked fine up until some of the latest versions and it’s driving me crazy

Hi guys, I have reported this issue to our bug system and will update it tomorrow.

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This is driving me nuts too. I didn’t know it’s Piplay that couses this, now I dislike this software even more.

Hi guys, it’s a bug indeed, we will fix it in a further Piplay version, sorry for inconvenience.

@thepoddo Hi, have you added “Piplay” to your PC “Startup”? Can you please check whether “PiServiceLauncher.exe” of Service of Task Manager is running or not when this issue appears? Thanks in advance.

Services are always running, the issue persist with either piplay launching at startup or not.
And to be honest I’d rather not have it run at startup since it’s pointless unless you have to change headset settings.

despite the other problems, seems like latest version ( solved the problem with audio sources switching around