Piplay download help

This is pathetic, the direct download link does not work, and the virus malware infected mega site wont work unless I remove avast? Can you at least provide a direct link to the download that works?

So, the download works without active virus protection, I don’t like that it is untrusted. You should indicate what is being installed and why it will be untrusted.

@Silver Hi, could you tell me which link and version you downloaded?

I had to install the mega sync thing and dedicate a folder to sync just to get the file. The second link on the download page. Avast does not like this file. I would like to know why, but they have not said as far as I know. After installing I went back to avast and removed all exclusions. I’m not sure if that is enough to protect what this file could be doing to your computer. I think it is a little shady. But we will see. I’m in the process of identifying everything happening on my pc.

@Silver Hi, what you described is same as link below?