[Piplay 1.2.57] Piplay recognizes my last AMD driver as an old driver for my two Sapphire R9 390x Nitro OC in crossfire

Graphics Casds: 2 x Sapphire R9 390x Nitro OC (Crossfire)
Mainboard: AsRock Extreme 11 Z77
RAM: Corsair 32 GB DDR3 2400Mhz (4 x 8GB)
HD SSD SanDisk 256GB - Operatin System
HD SSD 500GB - Samsung 840 Series - Games


  1. I can’t set the Pimax 4k in 4k resolution in extended mode, max resolution is 2560x1440
  2. The VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) is not supported
  3. I could not enable the Virtual Desktop, even on VorpX
  4. The Piplay inform that my latest driver is old and I must to update it
    Piplay Message: “Note: Your current configuration is too low, may caused Caton, splash screen and other issues, in order to better VR experience, please upgrade your compuer, thank you!”

Please, can you help me?