PimaxUSA answers recent questions

There has been quite a lot of arguing and confusion in the forum within the last week or so.
I think this is mainly because of the lack of communication from you.

Backers would like to know:

  • Situation about the RMA policy
  • Pre-orders receiving the headsets before the backers, why is that?
  • Slow progress of shipping, U.K. and U.S. warehouse status - why aren’t they forwarding the units?

All the uncertainty leads to backers arguing with eachothers, updates and the correspondence with the Pimax staff is IMPORTANT!


You forgot the part about them telling us why preorders are being delivered while backers sit empty handed.


Yes If these simple questions could be answered there would be way less drama on this forum .


I posted this on another thread but thought I might repost it here.

We will expect civil discourse here no matter the circumstances. If you attack another user, use profanity or are posting purely to cause a toxic battle you must find it within yourself to exercise restraint.

That said, specifically what sort of update would you like to see?

Be aware that companies typically do not release information on pricing or availability of unreleased products or services. As soon as news for those items becomes available we will do a general release of information.

Some info in no particular order:
8K shipping topic - We have 3 SKU’s shipping and just shipped 392 8K’s in two batches with many more shipping daily.

RMA policy etc… topic- a couple of posters publicly stated they would not return their devices even after their received a new one and encouraged others to do so. This caused the policy to change until completion of a better system.

PiTool - new version currently in testing (106) coming in a matter of days, old versions will eventually be deprecated.

Rigid head strap, controller topic - actively working on those but no news until the GTC time frame.

Hand Tracking Module (Leap Motion) - not shipping these right now so all orders are shipped without them until we have them in quantity. No news on timing but we’ve been demonstrating them at shows like CES etc. so they are coming along. As soon as we have a date we’ll put out a statement.

Basestations when? - No news there. Wish we could but can only say it is progressing.

BE topic - it is in small scale production. Will ramp it up after the 8K’s are completed. It has no bom changes etc. from those that were reviewed. I would speculate shipping in March.

UK shipping topic - many units arrived there, many delivered or about to be delivered, enough in the local warehouse to cover all users but still some issues getting the forwarder to agree on some of the addresses (very few of those now).

US based offices opening date topic - The new location will be open sometime in March and will have logistics, support and repair capability that will evolve over time. It also has it’s own ticketing system that can generate shipping labels.

Other regions for 5K+ shipping topic, sufficient 5K+ shipped to cover all backers, everywhere provided the address was ok.

Addresses topic - We did not do a good job at all collecting, organizing and proofing backer addresses. Way more complex than it seems. Clearly there were/are more efficient ways to have attacked this problem as some have pointed out. Fully staffed local warehouses will solve this issue.

Pre-Orders shipping topic etc. All 5K+ for backers shipped at least to the warehouses before pre-orders, time to arrive varies. i.e. arrival before does not mean shipped before. Keep in mind these are nearly double the backer price and do not include the perks. 8K’s and BE’s to dealers - these were very small test shipments, though I would agree even small shipments to these guys before everybody gets theirs not a great idea. I would have counciled against it had I been asked.

Snow, flashing dots and other intermittent screen issue topic - We found these issues are solved by replacing the cable in 9 out of 10 instances. The service centers will be stocked with additional cables just in case they are needed for quick replacements.

Defects topic - Forum data is totally anecdotal. Most post numerous times discussing a single issue which badly skews the perception. The perception was increased further by high profile defects with Nathie and Tyriel. Actual defect level especially for the earliest units produced is too high but far smaller than has been speculated. The total for all units produced with any issue reported (including ones that turned out not to be hardware) is about 8%. The number on currently produced hmd’s is a far lower number than that.

5K+ inventory status - literally every unit produced was shipped out to the regional warehouses.

Unattractive new logo topic - yep we are aware of that and working on something quite nice. Long story on that one but it will be fixed.


Oh thank God… I was really losing sleep on that one! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


@PimaxUSA - thanks for responding and giving us some more info, that is all we wanted all week :+1:

Suggest a mod pins this topic or posts the answer into one of the official pimax topics? @Heliosurge @neal_white_iii ?

There are so many other topics requesting info, it may get missed.


OK, good idea. I’ll update the title and pin this thread.
@Heliosurge @PimaxUSA


My bet is that Valve are reserving lighthouse 2.0 for release of their own headset. Why else would they hold onto it


UK shipping topic - many units arrived there, many delivered or about to be delivered, enough in the local warehouse to cover all users but still some issues getting the forwarder to agree on some of the addresses (very few of those now).

So does this mean that there’s likely to be confusion with my address if I’m still waiting, or is there some other reason for a parcel to sit at the warehouse for weeks without being delivered? I can’t see how they could get my simple address wrong when it was triple checked as correct before I submitted it.

Thanks for the update anyway.


I’m not worried about the crappy logo… put that aside for now. Get organized and build a better product and service. Work smarter, not harder.


Hand tracking module status please?
I have asked you in an appropriate thread & in a PM but I have not received a response to either.


Ok who the F did this??? Does anyone know who they are…?


@PimaxUSA thanks for the update,can you find out if collecting a 5kplus replacement and dropping my faulty one in at same time to the uk warehouse is possible(stoke on trent) as been waiting on replacement for 6 weeks ish and now they want the old one back first(which i understand due to some not returning).This would put my mind at ease as had many issues resolving this and dont wanna be without a headset as require it for my leugue matches etc,my original one only has a crack and works great.i did give two dates which collection was possible however both dates have passed and still no collection so worried delivery of replacement wouldn’t be prioritised.please could you see if collection is possible thanks


@PimaxUSA I received a headset and it sets up great. Y’all did an amazing job with it. However mine has a few dead pixels that sort of niggle at me on lighter backgrounds. I submitted a ticket but have not received a reply. Do you know roughly when I would receive one? Thanks a bunch!

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@PimaxUSA if it is å ä ö just type it as a a o.


Just keep in mind that Facebook has 36,000 employees, HTC has 7,300. Our business offices have a total of 79, the rest are manufacturing staff. Inside that number you have hr, accounting, regulator compliance, legal, IT, engineering, software development, QA, management, training, support, marketing and more etc. We are growing rapidly and many new people coming in but adding more people means retasking people who are operating in a dept. to train more staff.

Just consider we are accomplishing this with less than 1 staff for every 1,000 many others have.


Good question. I’ll add that to the response list.


@PimaxUSA: While You’re at it regarding the hand tracking module. Can You tell me if my pre-order (P10xx) headset will ship without the module if it’s not ready or if it will be held back until the module is ready?

Thanks for the effort, Kevin! :+1::wink:

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On the addresses, the answer is yes, some of them are still gummed up. I saw some of them and they mostly aren’t crazy addresses, simple ones like yours (well…, a few of them are crazy addresses). But the procedure with the freight forwarding agency is laborious to say the least. Not an excuse but the team is working it out.