[Pimax's updates] Solutions to feedback and Special customer service for backers

Pimax’s update on solutions to feedback

Among the issues reported by backers recently, there are two main hardware issues so far:

  1. Loose parts inside

There are two cases reported so far and we have analyzed one case and find out that it is mostly caused by two reasons below:

A.The packaging is not firm enough and shockproof for a long distance delivery, which could damage the box and the headset.

B.The workers (including QA) were not perfectly familiar with every single step of the manufacturing procedures at the early stage of mass production. This is subject to inadequate internal training and improper management that birng the headsets finally under logistics challenge.


A. We are currently making an anti-shock test to find out the reasons and to make improvements of the package .

B. We will give our workers a more specific internal training relating to this issue and improve the manag e ment of production , and at the same time we will also give product aging sample test (one samepl Per 500PCS).

  1. Dead pixels

We had planed to apply industrial camera to the check of headsets, but since we had a tight schedule of production, and it was not ready when the first batch of products were produced. This is the reason why we could only rely on human eyes to identify dead pixels of a small number of products in a more subjective way in early stage, which leads to the increasing number of defective products.


  1. We will move to the industrial camera solution ASAP, and from the result of the current intern al test, th e solution has improved the accuracy and efficiency of testing .

  2. We will collect top 200 defective headset s from backers and have an analysis of them completely. W e will try our best to detect issues of our product s and solve them as soon as possible .

Special customer service for backers

  1. Every backer deserves our Pimax special customer service. Once the reported hardware issue of the product is confirmed by the Pimax team online, we will ship a new headset or new accesories to backers to replace the detective ones. Backers do not need to wait until we get the detective products back. (Notes: this is only for backers)

  2. We attempt to provide service support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the near future and we will keep all of our customers well-informed.

  3. We have already shipped a certain number of headsets and accessories to our warehouses overseas and in this way, we can make sure that every backer who have a detective headset can get a replacement quickly.


Thank you for this update. I understand that problems may occur during this early stage of production & I appreciate the honesty & how you would like to resolve it swiftly


Very nice initiative !


Thank you very much for your efforts, these changes are on the right track.

In the future Pimax will be a leading company and hopefully with a promising future.


great solutions, glad to hear this…


That is awesome! Thank you! This is how you will turn us Backers into loud and proud Pimax Advertisers!


Respect to Pimax, they react professionel.


Top! :smiley:

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This is fantastic news!


@anon74848233 This is actually really good feedback to the backers! Thank you!

You have another common scenario emerging. The perceived backlight leak issue (what we are calling it at the moment as we’ve no idea what the issue is). 3 known cases so far on the 5k+, all in the left eye.

My post: here

@aesopfabled post: here

and now confirmed by @Urbanchina here


Thank you. This is a great response to an unfortunate problem!

I am glad that Pimax has realized the severity of the situation. I understand that such problems are common, when bringing a complex, brand-new product to market. However, I am disappointed that so many defective headsets were actually delivered. I’m sure some of those headsets were damaged in shipment, which is something that cannot be caught at the factory.

The key takeaway is that significant (extra) QA must be performed on those early builds.


I ever recommend for a long time , at least you should use bubble wrap for protect the package.


Yes, Pimax should investigate. To me, it seems likely that something got knocked out-of-place during shipping. That would be fixed by better packaging.


@anon74848233 Thank you for defective replacement solutions. However, I have submitted my ticket to http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/ and no response from the team about the defective Pimax 5K+ that I received. Can you look into this please. Thanks


Great news/reaction! Cant wait for my pimax :smiley:

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Heres a really good solution to the “loose parts” issue

  1. DONT use the cheapest shi#*iest shipping solution for frigale high tech product. Use expedited shipping which is what backers paid for

  2. Solution for the the “Dead pixel” issue. Stress test the screens on the supplier end before they even end up in a headset. Save yourselves millions in recycling costs

  3. You forget to mention the faulty earphone jack which apears to be the biggest issue so far

You need to be more proactive instead of constantly trying to fix mistakes


Yes this! Paid 80 bucks for shipping, yet mine will take around 2 weeks to arrive from uk :frowning:

Already expected delivery has increased by 1 day…


Very nice! Now I feel very safe indeed. Good job Pimax o7

Dallas, you need to inform your staff about this as they are still insisting I need to wait for you to receive the defective unit and test it before they will ship my replacement. The tracking is even showing that it was delivered and still they are saying to please wait for the unit to be received and inspected.