Pimax's greatest hurdle is still in my opinion, it's brand image

I have no stake in Pimax other than a backer so my incentive to see Pimax succeed mainly comes from a consumer that doesn’t want the industry to stagnate.

I haven’t been browsing the forums for months and months since I had my headset so I hope besides the Korea incident nothing major in terms of screwups has happened.

Since Sweviver has said that the lighthouses are coming SOON TM, I’ll assume that issue is settled. I think Pimax needs some sort of mascot in the more metaphorical sense. I currently work at one of those companies with a 2* Google reviews and watching their process I can see a lot of stuff they need to improve. Most of the stuff is on the ground level, having a good idea on what’s happening day to day (Undercover Boss Style) would likely not solve but at least provide insight in what needs to be done. I assume some is true for Pimax.

In the next few years Pimax really has to make sure their quality control above all things meets a standard. That’s really the only way to thrive in a sector where hobbyist are spending money and especially true for Pimax’s enterprise partnerships.This is just an open letter.

And I totally get that Shat HAPPENS. I’ve owned a Zotac 980Ti that I RMAed 3 times. But hey they offered me a 5 year warranty and gave me a backup GPU whenever it went for servicing that’s the reason I’ll still buy a Zotac card.


What is the Korea incident ?

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I guess he’s talking about the time where some headset showed up in an online store in Korea for sale before the Kickstarter backers had gotten theirs.