Pimax's great customer service!

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Friend’s every day I read angry comments and people bashing Pimax and I don’t read much praise that I feel Pimax deserves, So here is my praise!

I had a problem with a game Ark: Survival Evolved, I could not get it working in vr on the headset. Lets face it, it was hard to get it to work on the Oculus as well but I really wanted to play it on pimax. So I reached out to tech support, Alan who responded that he wasn’t aware of the game and asked me to send him the steam page to it. I did and he then stated that he was going to purchase the game and have his tech team work on finding a fix to get it to work. After some dialog back and forth They finally came to the findings that they could not figure out how to get the game to work. yes this was disappointing however I can not fault them as the game isn’t exactly the best coded game out there and the vr seems like something thrown in at last minute and not real supported by dev team. However Pimax, Alan went out of his way purchased the game just because 1 person (me) wanted to play it. That is great customer service if you ask me and I am very pleased.

Yes I have a headset that is cracking(they are also working on sending me a new one, however I agreed to wait until all backers get their first headset before they do, It is still perfectly use-able so I don’t want to make someone wait for theirs) and there are other problems people are having with theirs. But people Pimax responses are getting better, They are spending a crap ton of money to fix all the issues everyone is having, hell they are even trusting that people are going to send back first headset by sending out replacements before we send in old ones. We all just need to learn to be a little patient I know I don’t want pimax to go bankrupt as I am looking forward to continuing to do business with them with whatever headset they release next.

So to sum it up. Pimax’s customer service is fantastic the best I have seen so if you have a problem be patient they will get it fixed if you give them the time. The 8k I the BEST vr headset I have ever seen and other than the case cracking problem I have no issues with it and they are taking care of that.
So Thank you Pimax for the effort to try to get the game to work, I wish you the best of luck.

A loyal customer,


Your recognition is the biggest affirmation of our work! We are very grateful. Thank you


@jss0831 thanks for your understanding.We’re trying to give our customers a great VR experience.