Pimaxians Get Together - VRChat

Hey there, it’s Esther!

We wanted to extend a friendly invitation for you to join us in VRChat for a fun get-together. It’s not just limited to Pimax headset owners, so everyone is welcome! Let’s hang out, discuss the latest VR headsets and games, or simply have a casual chat. We’re planning a relaxing evening in VR worlds on June 9th. Here’s the schedule:

From 7:00 to 7:20 PM EDT, we’ll meet up at #00825-Snow Reverie Island.
From 7:20 to 8:00 PM EDT, we’ll embark on an adventure in #16092-Epilogue. Chapter2

Both locations are large worlds, so make sure to download them in advance. Get ready for an enjoyable time in virtual reality!


Ok… time to try VRchat. I think I’m too old and uncool, but what the heck.

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my oral english is poor,, but what the heck.

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I’ll try my best to be there! Friday nights I usually get forced into some social event IRL but will try keep this Friday virtual ha.

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Avartars can be cloned:

Well, crap. I couldn’t get into the ‘worlds’. I should have started using VRchat earlier this week so that I would know what the heck I’m doing. Sorry gang. Next time I will have it sorted. Right now, it’s kind of a mystery to me. I can log in and wander around, but I have ZERO clue on how to find a world. I clicked on the link the Cheezus Crisp put up for me on the discord, but that got me into flatscreen Chat, and … I still screwed it up somehow.

Ohhh Finn,never mind, let’s see you in VR next time, it’s really fun there! We’ll have another get together

some pics


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