Pimax with Tridef

Well i wasnt able to get pimax to work with steamvr or with oculus runtime so i tried with Tridef drivers.
It works just its not perfect. 3d effect is phenomenal (10 better than on my LG 3d monitor_). Image quality is very good.
Things you need:
1.Tridef drivers
2.Oculus experimental addon for Tridef
3 Tridef registry hack to run it in windowed mode.

Once all these 3 things are installed you just go to “tools” and “Display settings” and there choose Oculus Rift.
You need to run Tridef in windowed mode since when its in fullscreen mode Pimax displays some glitches.
So i run a game on main desktop monitor then drag it to Pimax in extended mode and its workin very nice. I cant get head tracking to work, there is such option, its calibrating something but just doesnt work.


hi, i dont understand ,what pictures?

.Oculus experimental addon for Tridef
Where did you get it? They had closed this project and had removed all download links :disappointed: