@Pimax, will you fix the IPD reading discrepancy in Pitool?

The IPD amount Pitool reports is incorrect, the software IPD value does not syncopate with the physical lens distance when the IPD knob is adjusted on my HMD.
Also, the measurements for software IPD and physical IPD are not accurate as well as not syncing correctly. An IPD of 66mm in Pitool varies somewhere between 70-76mm when measuring the physical distance of the lenses

Is there a possible way to recalibrate the IPD reading in Pitool or is there a planned fix coming for this?
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How are you calculating the “pupil” of the physical lens?

I’d take a gander from me posting this last night: https://community.openmr.ai/t/feel-cross-eyed/14546/31

And this: https://community.openmr.ai/t/5k-causing-significant-eye-strain/11958/55?u=wiinii



I measured the distance between each pinhole, the smallest circle in the centre of each lens, the space that the pupils should be looking into.

But your pupils move, so how do you determine the correct relationship between a physical feature you think you can see on the lens and where your pupils are, without knowing the specs of the lenses?

I’m just going off the fact that when people measure their “far” IPD they get this discrepancy, but now that some people have actually checked their “near” IPD it does seem to match the pitool reading and eyestrain stops.

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Yes pimax is a migraine generation device. Its what we were in such a rush to get. With any luck we will have it properly adjusted just in time for us to splash out another $500 to $1000 for the next big thing.


Thanks for your highlighting this issue.
I have discuss with relevant colleague.We will working on this.
Thanks for your suggestion and help

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hello? don’t u check ur message?

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