Pimax VR Experience Beta Download

Here comes a new Pimax VR Experience Public Beta version v0.84.0.0.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Download and install PiToolSetup_1.0.2.087_V2.0
    - Note 1: This version of PE will work and will also be bundled with the next PiTool version 267. Until PiTool 267 is released, please use PiTool version V2.0
    - Note 2: PiTool V. works with this version of PE as well, but to get Backlight brightness sliders working, you need to use PiTool

  2. Download and run Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer

  3. After installation, when PiTool is running, make sure to tick the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” (located in PiTool, Settings > General). This will automatically launch the Pimax VR Experience.

Note: Pimax VR Experience comes with its own installer, but it requires you to have PiTool version or PiTool V. installed beforehand, to work properly.

Download Links: (Right-click and Save-As)

Update History Beta

What’s new:

  • New: Configuration-menu added to Virtual Desktop for manual arrangement of monitors (only shown on multi-monitor setups with 2 or 3 monitors connected). 3-monitor setups has 6 arrangement modes and 2-monitor setups have 4 arrangement modes. Clicking on any of the modes instantly switches the monitor order with an animation.
  • New: Upon switching monitor arrangement, the setting is automatically saved into user profile for next PE launch or next time Virtual Desktop is used.
  • New: Upon switching to multi-monitor view, the setting is automatically saved into user profile for next PE launch or next time Virtual Desktop is used.
  • Update: Significantly improved performance while Virtual Desktop is used
  • Update: Adopted refresh rate modes to sync with latest PiTool version changes
  • Fix: Fixed a critical bug where settings & quick setting values were not refreshed in the UI upon game launch
  • Fix: Fixed an occasional issue where available FOV modes were incorrectly listed

Please report bugs here: Bug Reports


well… this version isnt free of bugs. I was testing it right now, and my headset was rebooting 3 times when i switch between the home screen and the real desktop with alt+tap.

Headset reboot? Hmm. Thats super odd. What headset do you use? There’s isn’t even any way to call a headset reboot from PE, unless you go Quit->Restart App which basically restarts PiService and not the headset.

Are you using PiTool 87 V2?
I suspect it was PiTool crashing for you. But never seen it happening though, unless you move/drag the PiTool window between monitors (its a bug I reported to the team a while ago)

I am using the 8kx. And I did a full reinstall with your new version. Maybe its the PiTool crashing. anyway, the headset turns black, then I can see the Pimax logo and after a while, pi home was starting again.

No problems for me initially. Will do more testing shortly.

Is the firmware with backlight brightness adjustment included in PiTool yet? Or will I have to install the firmware separately?

Sorry, I haven’t had time to use my 8KX or follow this forum for a while.


Is Pimax VR Experience part of Pimax’s business?
Or is it a volunteer content by SweViver and others?

Ok. This does indeed sound like a PiTool problem. Just in case, next time this happens, could you please send us the PE logs? (Go to Customize-menu, in the bottom, click “Export Logs”. 2 logs will be copied to your Desktop. Paste the 2 logs to pastebin.com and share the link.) Thanks!

Sounds great, thanks!

Yes PiTool includes the backlight support for 8KX and all headsets. There will be an official version 267 released anytime now (today or tomorrow I assume), which will have PE 0.84 bundled in the installer. It will of course include the backlight update + some more fixes on PiTool side.

I’m a Pimax employee. Armin is a volunteer as of now and he has largely contributed to this project since several months back. PE was an idea that Kevin and I discussed almost a year ago, and I started working on it early 2020 as a side-project during my working hours (a lot thanks to Corona and the inability to do my primary tasks such as travel).
Whenever its “Pimax Business” its hard to tell yet. I would call it an “internal project and work in progress”. But Pimax team has already made some great efforts on PiTool side to support PE and allow PE to take control over all PiTool/HMD settings. PE is still in Beta phase, but will become an official Pimax software sooner or later. I guess.


Played WoW in Desktop View. NONE of these are technically bugs, these are design issues.

-Screen is too small.

-Hand tracking interacts with GUI while attempting to play game. Motion controller sees my hand on the keyboard and attempts to assign ‘poses’ and interactions when none are intended.
-Hand tracking does not interact with the GUI in certain states.
Hand tracking causes too many issues: it MUST be disabled to play flat games.

This means that I either need to have a controller powered up or use the mouse in the gui, which means … I have to test this further, I had it set on controller so the mouse wasn’t able to do what I needed. I forgot about switching it… :flushed:
Edit: hmmm, looks like setting the gui interface to mouse is no longer an option. The result of this is that, once I enable ‘mouse mode’ so that I can play my game, I can no longer interact with the gui without the controller. I have to have the controller to turn OFF mouse mode.
I don’t see an easy solution to this and I’d like to see more discussion on it (and get more of my own testing) before making any kind of recommendations.

At the moment, to play a flat game (for the first time), you need to:
-get the game ready: entering any login information etc is easier if you can see the keyboard,
-power up a controller,
-set the ‘UI Interaction’ to ‘VR Controllers’ (only needed if you’ve changed it),
-position the UI: mine is always to the side from having the headset on a stand when starting the computer (only way to avoid this is to have the headset on when booting up the system),
-switch to Desktop View,
-enable mouse mode,
-select your monitor (or 3pack),
-select full screen mode,
-set scale and distance,
-set controller down behind you so it isn’t distracting.
Play Game!

-Having to switch out of full screen mode to move the screen is a real pia. I need to be able to move the screen that I’m playing in where I need it. Re-Edit: scale and distance sliders are only usable after you have enabled ‘Full Screen’.

This is playable. I have to get my comfort mods going so I can set my ipd (5 minutes and I’m cross eyed!) and I need more control over my screen size, but this is usable. If I could see. (Sorry, still cross eyed from my testing.) The hand tracking is not needed, it’s just very handy. It would be nice to get full interaction from it but it’s not a requirement, imho.
Next I want to try Destiny2, full screen @ 4k. I also want to make a “playlist” of what needs to be done after I’ve got everything setup and I go from VR to a flat game. See what is remembered and what needs to be set again.

Edit: the playlist after restarting the computer remains mostly the same, with only setting the ‘UI interaction’ to ‘VR Controller’ being remembered. I’ve also added a couple of steps to the list.

Edit: Destiny2 is a nope. I could dumb down the settings but, as is, it’s a bit more than my computer can handle. Which is what I was expecting. WoW is a much less demanding game. I expect that I could put D2 on one of my other monitors at 1080 and be fine, if I wanted to.

Edit: almost forgot a known issue. Trying to place the screens with the controller as an old fart can be a bit difficult: I need more “smoothing” if possible without screwing up anyone else. My hands aren’t too bad, but they do jitter more than they did when I was younger. It’s kind of startling to see all those screens ‘jittering’ in space, lol! Being that big you just kind of assume that they have ‘weight’. :crazy_face:

Edit: If you want a screenshot, someone needs to remind me how to do that again…
Edit: For what it’s worth, I use a software product from Stardock called CursorFX which modifies my mouse cursor, allowing me to use animated mouse cursors. I have had no issues with it and PE.

Edit: From experience: if you wear glasses and are having trouble setting your ipd, check your glasses ipd. If you wear bifocals, your glasses ipd can be pretty picky. I’ve found that I’ve mashed my glasses far enough into my face (normal wear, not hmd related) that my eyes are no longer sitting in the proper ipd placement of my bifocals. This makes setting my hmd ipd a bit problematic. The way I was able to tell was to do the same ‘testing’ in RL, while pushing my lenses together (wire frames) and it made the same difference. It should have made things worse, but, instead, it made things better. Note that this can be as tricky and subtle as trying to set the ipd in the hmd. I can fix this by going to my local optometrist and having my glasses adjusted. The nose pieces need to be re-bent properly. Of course, I’ll just mash them against my brow and bend them again, but hey, gotta keep life interesting!


Question: does the virtual desktop mode allow to lock the virtual screen in a specific position so that we can rotate our head without moving the virtual screen position. This is a feature that i asked “virtual desktop” developer to add in his program for the quest , so that we could project console games in the quest on the virtual screen and use an external sensors (ie. cinemizer headtracking) as headtracking to change 360 degree the view inside the game.

Or better, can we fix the “virtual screen” position and control the pc mouse movements with the pimax headset ?

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In the future, it would be useful to have an update feature within Pimax experience

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Hello sweviver, thanks for the great job. Pimax experience 0.84 is really a huge relief. I can start all my games like star wars squadrons, dcs, pavlov easily via PE and the extra steam settings make the picture much better. :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed any bugs or problems so far…

My only wish would be an ipd and picture setting tutorial.

Best wishes and stay healthy.


Yesterday, I used the desktop mode scaled up to watch a live performance of a band. It was all streamed from my browser. The experience was amazing but something was missing… lighting!
Looking at a square in the middle of space is not that great, I would still see the galaxy on the side of my virtual desktop. Scaling up the desktop would prevent me from seeing everything at once.
So I looked at it and compared with my actual desktop and found the difference. Backlighting.
Could you reproduce the effect of a Philips Hue Sync, Lightpack, Dreamscreen… You know, using the video feed as a light source. Like this.

Another comment, I have dual monitors but my second is placed vertically, it didnt register well in PE.
Curved virtual desktop would be great too.
Thank you @SweViver and @arminelec


Hi @SweViver and @arminelec
as always great job! :clap:
I noticed the offset values that are positive in pitool are negative in PE and vice versa. might be confusing :wink:
keep up your great work! :beers:


I hope I will able to play 2d games with this version because with the 0.8 I had only black screen (in VR) when launching a 2d game.
Downloading now

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Funny story here! When @SweViver and I were designing the sliders in PE, we noticed PiTool values for left and right do not always follow a natural design. So we decided to make the one in PE follow a natural movement (positive always meaning increase and negative always meaning decrease). You might happen to find a few other things in PE that do not match PiTool either :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your kind words and support! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion and the photo. We will most certainly try! Added it to backlog.

Meanwhile, we recommend you change your background to the dark one. It is located under Customize, also at the right menu panel for easy access.

Your design is more logical and those pictograms help! Maybe Pimax would integrate those pictograms in pitool ,too, as long pitool is also beeing used ? New users might otherwise get frustrated before finding out, it is because of different settings in pitool and PE? :thinking:

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Cant play any 2d games in desktop mode :frowning:
I will try this

Didnt work :confused:

In VR the screen just freeze once the game is supposed to be displayed and remain like that until I restart PE.

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Armin, a big Thank You to you and Martin for the good PE software.

As has been mentioned many times, all of this is moot; if you can set your IPD appropriately to enjoy the features PE offers.

I ask/implore that you guys can make this a priority going forward please.
I know you mentioned it would be difficult, based on what I have seen you guys do so far. Doesn’t look impossible.

My headset sits idle, as I tried all the suggestions here, spent money for new hinges and weights. But, still can’t zero in on a good IPD setup for me. I have a low IPD of 58

Thank You

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