Pimax VR Experience - Beta Released!

Hey everyone!

Here comes a new Pimax VR Experience Public Beta version v0.80.0.0.

@SweViver and I can’t wait to see some cool screenshots of you working in VR, watching movies or playing desktop-games using this new Virtual Desktop environment! :slight_smile:

Setup Instructions:

  1. Download and install PiToolSetup_1.0.2.087_V2.0
    - Note: PiTool V. works with this version of PE as well, but to get Backlight brightness sliders working, you need to use PiTool

  2. Download and run Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer

  3. After installation, when PiTool is running, make sure to tick the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” (located in PiTool, Settings > General). This will automatically launch the Pimax VR Experience.

Note: Pimax VR Experience comes with its own installer, but it requires you to have PiTool version installed beforehand, to work properly.

Download Links: (Right-click and Save-As)

Update History Beta

What’s new:

  • New: Virtual Desktop features added to official Beta release, now updated and improved:

    • Multi-monitor support up to 3 monitors
    • Desktop Mouse Pointer position/click/multi-click/drag working and synced with VR controllers (right-click still work in progress)
    • Switch to “Mouse Mode” to disable VR mouse and instantly use Desktop mouse
    • Switch between all monitors in Single monitor view and multi-monitor view.
    • Automatic order of multi-screen setups (manual sorting will be added)
    • UI mode: Virtual Desktop is built-in to the UI with fixed size to UI scale, including multi-monitor view switch
    • Fullscreen mode: Virtual Desktop separated from UI. Allows for empty environment around monitor view, optimal for movie watching, gaming, etc.
    • Change the Monitor scale/size and distance from HMD with sliders (Full-screen mode only)
  • New: Calibration page: Virtual Desktop (main monitor view) added to calibration to enable viewing of images/videos on desktop while calibrating/testing image settings in profiles.

  • New: Log Export button added to Customize menu. Automatically exports 2 logs (with date+timestamp) to user’s Desktop.

  • Update: Improved dampening to mouse single/double/tripple clicks and drags for easier use with VR Controller with Virtual Desktop

  • Fix: Critical bug fixed that caused games (SteamVR, Oculus and others) not to launch in VR mode (or not launch at all) from PE.

  • Fix: Fixed Virtual Desktop mouse double-click issue when using VR controllers sometimes not double-clicking.

  • Fix: In Game Management menu, the list of games/apps did not refresh when “Sort By” Previous/Next buttons were clicked

  • Fix: When VR controllers are used, Virtual Desktop automatically enables Desktop Mouse mode (and minimizes PE window, if window/fullscreen mode is active)

  • Fix: Incorrect distance of VR controller-pointer laser when pointing over Virtual Desktop monitors

  • Fix: When PiTool accidentally erases the game thumbnail file content and keeps them locked (or at zero bytes), we log this issue in the log files and carry on. User can restart PiTool to fix the issue and all thumbmails will be corrected.

  • Fix: Issue where Steam VR games could not be imported due to one or more incorrect/missing value(s) in the manifest.


Awesome! Well done you two :clap:


thank you…this is awesome!


@arminelec Is there a way I can terminate an Oculus app like I can do it with SteamVR apps by opening the SteamVR overlay and closing SteamVR which will then return me to the Pimax Experience ?

Currently I always have to take off the headset, close the Oculus program and only then PE will appear again.

I am using Index controllers with no specific binding allocated to them for Oculus app usage - perhaps that is part of the issue ?

Good question. Added it to backlog. Will check it out in a week or so.

I will have a look into it. I have never tried binding Index controllers with Oculus.

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