Pimax VISION 8K Plus vs. 5k+ - What differences?

Does anyone know the differences between the 5k+ and the Vision 8K Plus other than the ruggedized housing?

How is the clarity/picture?


Whole can of worms, you’ll hear differing opinions. IMO, there is no way that the 8k+ can have better clarity than the 5k+. Better fill of black spaces and SDE sure, but not clarity, just doesn’t make sense. You’re interpolating and upscaling the same resolution, so it will never magically get better than the source, just blurrier. I can’t say I’ve tried the hmd though. To me, the 8k+ replaces the 8k not the 5k+.

5k+: Higher refresh rate, bad housing, same resolution, but potentially better clarity and worse SDE than the 8k+.
8k+:110Hz max, good RE housing, same performance requirements and base resolution, better SDE and smoother image, less clarity


Gotcha. Thats what i needed to know

8k + can be sharper and there is no magic in that, becouse is build with 5.2 inch panels versus 6’ from 8k and 5k +


That I did not know, thanks for clarifying. With many users reporting worse clarity on the 8k+ compared to the 5k+, I assumed the screens were of similar dimensions.

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I have read only 2 or 3 users reviews that clarity is not there but also 2 or 3 that claritty is better than in 5k. Will not argue at the moment and soon I will know more as 8kx also have upscaler :slight_smile:

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Interesting. Whats their point of selling 2 different kinds and one is worse. Unreal.

8kx is looking amazing. I’m very happy they included an upscaler chip for roomscale games at higher refresh rates. Still keeping my 5k+ for now, but that HMD looks awesome.


I don’t think either is ‘worse’, I do not mean to vocalize my opinion in that manner. The RE housing, smaller screens, better SDE and fill between pixels, definitely make the 8k+ a great HMD. My personal opinion is that upgrading from a 5k+ would be pretty disappointing however, especially with the price tag. An 8kx is a serious upgrade over the two - for me personally I’d never get the 8k+ because the 8kx has the same features and more.


8k+ is 5k++

drop some clarity for a little bit, but acceptable.

I think firmware and pitool is not stable and make bad brightness or wrong resolution. Some friend tell that it has more claity when using the old pitool.

Add to the other upgrade list the 8k+ also has 2 high power audio jacks (vs. 1 low power jack), new electronics, much higher panel utilization and upgraded cabling. The 8k+ also includes the comfort kit by default.


@MikeJeffries As someone who has a 5k+, and a preproduction 8kX, I can tell you the 8k+ is just slightly more readable than the 5k+, and has far fewer artifacts. Although the input resolution is the same, the 5k+ larger RGB subpixels allow rainbow ‘pixel walk’ artifacts to be highly visible, and the larger gaps between pixels creates more of a screen-door effect.

After a few hours of Virtual Desktop or Flight Sim, the 5k+ will be causing a bit more painful eyestrain than the 8k+, and text will be a little harder to read.

That said, if you care about clarity, you should really buy the 8kX.


My 8k+ is as sharp as my 5k+ at pitools 1.5 but can’t really see SDE. Also takes a hit in the framerate.

I tried the 8k x. I have an order in for an 8K X

But you missed the title

The question is between 5k+ and vision 8k+


And in your post, you asked about the clarity. I think I answered that.

The Vision 8k+ is in fact a bit sharper - text is slightly more readable than with any 5k+. The best way to demonstrate that is to look at the FA18C AMPCD in DCS World with the moving map turned on. The green overlay text will be slightly more readable in the Vision 8k+, or probably any 8k+, than the 5k+.


i was just wondering if i should order a spare headset to replace a 5k+ that seems to breaking apart with the garbage housing they used on it, with the one on the 8K+ (or even the artisan).

I know the 8K X will be better overall and thats why my order is in for one of them, but who knows when theyre actually shipping them out.


In that case, the Artisan might be a good spare (though I haven’t tried it).

For seated use, the price/performance of the 8kX is such that it is a far better value than the 8k+, and the 8kX is more than rugged enough.

For roomscale use, a spare makes more sense, but optical clarity is less of a priority. In particular, ‘pixel walk’ artifacts are usually completely irrelevant in roomscale VR apps, and anything else for VR unlike Virtual Desktop or flight sim. Buying the cheapest and highest framerate wide FOV headset can be a good idea for a roomscale spare.

I plan on continuing to use my 5k+ for roomscale use, to ensure no fog or scratches can affect the lenses of the 8kX.

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Im at the point that i can find peace in what I want.
I have a motion rig and 99% of the time it’s for sim-racing (and will be for some sim-flight as well). I have a motion rig from PT-Actuators currently with a Sim-Lab P1 on it.
I started with a Rift, then Vive Pro, then Pimax 5k+, Index, and Oculus Quest.
I’ve tried Rift S (and returned), OG Vive, and 5k XR.

There’s not one headset that’s perfect at everything yet. The Valve Index is the one that comes closest in my opinion, but the shorter FOV leaves something to be desired after having the 5k+ - which is why after 9 months of having the pimax on my shelf, i went back to it (also to get used to the new pitool and in anticipation for the 8K X)…

The only issue is that after sitting in a box in my room, i noticed the entire housing chipping and cracking on the 5k+… So I was thinking to have a spare but I have a feeling i might just get the artisan for that because it doesn’t seem the like the price difference is justified between Artisan and 8K+, especially when I’m waiting for the 8K X. The main thing was having the RE housing… I dont want it to start falling apart just from sitting somewhere.


Artisan should be robust enough. If the 5k+ actually fell apart just sitting in a box (rather than just noticing the damage later), that has to be due to defective plastic. My 5k+ is still holding together after very heavy (though somewhat careful of impacts) roomscale use.

This is the 2nd 5k+ ive had with a bad housing except this one was just sitting in a box for 9 months and im past warranty. I only use it for sim racing so i definitely didnt damage it.

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