Pimax USA Shipment Speed Information For Those Interested From UPS Batch #3



So, I received a third tracking number. USGOBUY seems to use the cheapest, slowest UPS service. From Oregon to Los Angeles, from today December 18, to December 27 (9 days). I don’t know why it takes so long.


I am trying to get help with a shipment. I now have two cancelled UPS deliveries, and I dont know why.

They are both from USGOBUY, LLC and weigh 6.6 lbs from a UPS in Oregon, USA. But, both tracking numbers have been voided. One from Monday, and now from Tuesday.

Anyone familiar with UPS tracking numbers being voided?

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UPS is a total mess, can’t even list all the bad things they do, look in google maps and search for a logistic in any place anywhere, they just seems to collect bad opinions everywhere, they never delivered a single package to me I had to make 80km roundtrip twice to pick up my packages; I wonder why some companies are still using them, they are even some of the most expensive…good luck with them :unamused:

My shipment was the same way. (2) voided tracking numbers and (1) valid one. You should get a 3rd tracking number that is actually good. Mine came exactly as noted by the 3rd number. I used UPS MyChoice to see all my tracking numbers. Not sure why this is happening though.


Thanks for the info. I did just get a third tracking number. How many days was the delivery of your shipment? Mine, currently says 9 days. And I am only 1 state away from Oregon, in California. Not sure why it’s so slow.

I have the same 2 tracking numbers but from usps, says package is on it’s way to usps, no actual tracking information #280

Did you receive tracking numbers from Pimax ??? Where are you getting those Tracking Numbers (UPS or USPS???

I am using UPS mychoice.