Pimax Time to answer the CES train wreck

There are more opinions that speak of the same defect? Can you post more than 10 of them?

I’ll give you the easy way out, can you post more than 5?

The only reputable (vr) publication to outright dis pimax was roadtovr.

Road to VR has been pretty useless at reporting on the Pimax 8k. They haven’t even tried the V2/V3. Their heads are right up Facebooks ass

The V5 definatly has some issues though. Hope they get it sorted quick and try droping the FOV

Now what would be interesting is if Norm and Jeremy give it a try


It seems that the crew of UploadVR will go to try the Pimax this Thursday, at least they insinuate it, showing an image of the Pimax 8K before the update for this Thursday 11 “Updates coming soon.” .


HTC has won the award for best vr device of CES 2018, why?

  • Did they have a much more promising device? not…

  • Did they have more resolution? not…

  • Did they have 200º of fov? not…

  • Had they passed the Oculus kickstarter campaign? not…

  • Do they understand what the CES means? of course, yes!!!

Here I am 100% in agreement, but if we are so different despite being of the same species and living on the same planet, why not have a group of testers that have these different variables?

It must be very frustrating to be working for 3 months wondering if that job would please the majority, go to an exhibition and confirm that doubt negatively…


V5 is the first prototype after the tooling for mass production. It requests lots of tuning works.
However, we still decide to bring it to CES to showcase the backers the latest version.

We made several changes with v5 before CES.
For example, the lenses and the mechanical design of the lenses are both new tooling version. The change may lead to new issues, e.g. the reflections, but the issues will be eliminated and the benefit of the new design will reveal after fine tuning.
To reach approximate 30% increase in terms of brightness level, we added 3 more LEDs in the backlight panel from 12 to 15 and increased the LED current supply to the panel as well. As a result, the current supply in other parts decreases and new issues occurs e.g. tracking performance. It’s not hard to resolve, the team is working on it.
We use valve tracking technology, the tracking performance won’t be an issue at all in the final product.

After hardware and software fine tuning and all the issues resolved, we plan to ship limited number of testing units to selected backers, and may bring the units to more backers to test via roadshows.
The details of the issues and analysis, along with shipping schedule will be updated later this month.


That’s very good that you’ll fix the tracking by the end. BUT, can these be fixed:
1-Weird distortions and convergence issues that many reviewers noticed in v5.
2- The fish eye view and latency that were noticed
3-the mura

These are the most important things to fix. If these aren’t fixed by the end, the rest won’t matter much


Yes we will make sure to fix those. needs more tuning on the new machine.


These COULD both easily be software issues. New lenses also need new software to process them correctly, it’s very well possible that they didn’t have time yet to match the software to the lenses. Anyway maybe @anon23564932 can elaborate


We will post a detailed issue list and report when the team gets back from the show.


Thank you @anon23564932 for updating us with what’s going on. Please don’t forget to update the kickstarter campaign too when possible as many won’t see this on the forums.


Thank to you, xunshu


Thanks Xunshu. Thats exactly the response that is needed. I hope the pimax team understand that backers, for the most part, dont have a problem with things going wrong or technical difficulties as long as they you are open about them and can explain a plan to resolve them. What scares the most is things going wrong with no explanation.

That being said, in my opinion, I think CES could have been handled better from you. A little more attention to detail, forward planning and professionalism would have really gone a long way.

I look forward to hear more from the Pimax team once they return from CES.


Exactly this.

I think it was just a bad idea to even go to CES. I think what happened is that they made those CES plans months ago based on where there headset already was (pretty good with V3), extrapolated that and figured V5 would be ready to show to the masses. They obviously didn’t expect those new issue’s to arise, resulting in a HMD version that would do more harm than good showing it to the big public.

Either way, things go how they go, let it all be a lesson. Now Pimax just needs to focus on fixing and tuning V5.



About the head strap. Which model is the definitive one?





Could you please include an update on the Pimax 5k in that? We haven’t heard anything in a while.


Thanks xunshu. Please keep us in the loop. These hands on’s reviews are causing concern be we still believe that a good product can come out of this.


A) definitely looks wobbly. Can it handle quick head turns?
B) looks nice, but can it accommodate fans to cool the forehead? What about the wireless module? And it looks like it will make the headset front heavy.

If the second (B) is better to distribute the weight of the headset on the head and is more comfortable as it seems, I will always prefer it.