Pimax Switch To VR2.0 Program


When’s the last time your eyes were drawn to the older PC VR headset in the corner?

It’s high time you wiped off the dust and stepped into the world of VR 2.0.

-Pimax Rewards #SwitchToVR2Program

-Pimax Flagship Headset #5KSUPER

April 19-May 31, 2021 (EST)

Pimax Official Website

We have create a new sub category on Pimax Hardware - Marketplace, where you buy or sell new and used items on here.

You can always find some great deals on here. Direct interact with the seller to have a better bargain!

Your Pimax Team


If you have any problem about this program, please kindly check out the image below.

Or you may submit a ticket to our support desk / speak to our CS via livechat.

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