Pimax Support closed request without replying

I looked at the new Official Pimax Backer Spreadsheet and found that my backer number said ‘Receipt Information Unfiled’. I filled in my information in December.

I made a support ticket about this. @anon74848233 just marked the ticket as ‘resolved’ without any reply and the Backer Spreadsheet says the same still. It’s the support ticket from eden@helixxvr.com

They have also not been responding to Tweets on Twitter.

@Alan.sun, @Matthew.Xu, @Sean.Huang, @Doman.Chen - Tagging in the rest of the Quoara team. Could someone look into this please?

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This means he has checked and resolved the issue.
Same happened to me and others in past 2 days, meaning that bakers details was confirmed :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply. Was your information updated in the spreadsheet? Mine wasn’t. They really shouldn’t be closing tickets without any response.

I asked him to confirm what the status of my headset order was too, so he also didn’t reply to that.


In first spreadsheet no it wasn’t, now its all good :slight_smile:
When @anon74848233 updates the spreadsheet you will see “preparation” status on it.
Just to be sure, open a ticket and put your survey details address/choice/backer number.
If the status changes to resolved and ticket gets closed then will mean they have your details.


1.Can you give me your question number and backer number?

2.Please filling the survey if your information is not confirmed.Thank you very much

survey link:Info Confirmation Survey

The spread sheet will update the tracking number when oversea warehouse deliver the package

  1. By question number do you mean ‘SUPEN-1089’? - Backer number is 5,322.

  2. The survey is already completed. When I click on the link it says “You have already taken this survey”.

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