Pimax - steam vr - how to?


I wanted to ask how to make pimax p1 googles working with steamvr.

I want to play elite dangerous i got game downloaded but my steamvr did not recognize pimax p1 googles.

i got errors like 108 and 306 on steam. could not init ovr or smth like that …

any sugestions ?

Piplay must recognize the pimax befor steamvr works
disable direct mode before start the piservicelauncher
Look at my answer to scott at. maybe that helps:

hrx61, i got piplay working. piplay recognize my googles and i can use them.

but first thing - where to switch modes ? dont know chinese ;] i dont know which mode is what ;]

and whatever i am clicking from that " triangle" options on my piplay screen, status of my google is still the same as i suppose.

i tryed oculus sdk 0.6, 0,8, and they didnt helped me too - cannot init ovr on steamvr…

i would be gratefull for some instructional movie ;]

The tools for switching do you find at c:\windows\pimax in one of the subfolders. The called enablepvr.exe, disablepvr.exe
The googles are in extended mode if you see it in windows as additional monitor, i think. And vice versa in direct mode i you dont.
On my computer the piservice crashed if the googles in direct mode. Its a little bit strange.

install piplay ,connect usb and hdmi on computer . (then direct connected ) then go Welcome to Steam the newest steam version and install , after install sign a steam account if you don’t have one , then down the steamvr and install it . after install , you should set the room .then you can down load games and play it .

you can down laod English version on en.pimaxvr.com , use English please since the firmware of VR is English version ,

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i got my googles in chinese firmware version because when i install english piplay it gives me comunicate like international version doesnt match with hmd. so when i install chinese version of piplay its all ok. on piplay i can use googles to watch movies from piplay etc… but I got squares there where i want to pick “direct mode”… i dokt know where it is on menu becouse i cant read the menu, but when i clicked every “square word” in menu (on little triangle on right uupper corner of piplay screen) the screen flash , the led on googles goin from blue to green , on steam in that moment i get VR icon, and when im runing VR in steam it not recognise my googles. its says that googles are not connected…

but for the beginning of all… lets change firmware version from Chinese to English.

I wroted You an email Yanling.

I have steamVR working on the english version but I can’t connect any controller. What are you using for a controller?

Hi Scott, I am about to order a Pimax to play Elite dangerous just like you. I have an Oculus rift CV1 and just want to know if the screen quality looks better? If you get Elite dangerous to work can you please let me know what you think of the screen quality? Are the black colors in space really dark? Is the resolution much better?

Please let me know


Hi Steve, I just test project cars with a xbox clone joystick + Pimax and it worked fine for me.

I use Logitech G29 test the Poject Cars, pretty good:grinning:,
XBOX Controller works too。

I have the Xbox controller that came with the Oculus, however when I connect the Pimax I can’t get the controller to pair. Is there are trick to pairing the xbox controller with steam VR using the Pimax?

hey scott,

t took me awhile but i got it going. I wanted to play elite in vr as well. so this is what i did
install pi play, then install steam vr. it will give errors but you can still get into the steam vr settings, in there look for “enable direct mode”

Once you tick that, and possibly restart computer, it should work, you also have to run room setup before anything else will work

Hi George. Does Elite work well? Is the picture quality 4k like they say? Want to buy one to play this game but a little skeptical. Thanks

it does work well, I would say however it looks a lot more like 1920x1080, rather than 4 k but the picture quality is good :)… The only other thing is trying to negotiate the galaxy and system map in vr is next to impossible, so i have givin up on elite in vr for now

so here is my conclusion about PIMAX

before i bought pimax ive been using vive since couple months.

only ONE thing is better on that googles - resolution - twice as on vive - which could be a very big advantage if not all the disadvantages:

  • very blurry non smooth dynamic image quality - no way to tweak it somehow.
  • no option to manually set up range between lens - they made option of software make it but its not same… if u got your lens stable always in same position, moving left and right creen by soft makes finally effect veeeeery discomfortable to use - u get very heavy disconfortable “feel of brain pressure” even if u somehow make your eyes to see something quite sharp, the brain is working veeeeeeeery hard to do that and this is why its so discomfortable.
  • no option to change range betwee lens and eye -same as above but when i wear googles and pull out a little from my head to forward, it feels a liiiiittle better (im talking about that brain pressure ,but u have less field of view becouse of it.)
  • colours are flat and brightness is very low - compared do vive is like heaven and hell ;]
  • overall 3d effect becouse of that optics fact is poor. You dont get the feel of beeing inside that world of game/application that ure using…
  • plastick used as a place where your nose is going when ure wearing googles is very hard in feel. it makes your nose in pain after some time… ofc it depends from shape of your face at all but its non adaptative material and lot of ppl can feel bad in it.
  • reactions for move are fast - i cant say anything bad about it
  • but when u got bright colours on dark bacgrounds you will notice a looooot of blurr effect.

OVERALL FOR ME : im dissapointed. expected at least more comfortable of use of it. i supposed that if on GEARVR when im putting galaxy s7 into and there is 60hz too it will be same if we talk about motion blurr - on gearvr and s7 60hz it is wayyyy better than on pimax 60hz… googles are fucked up tottally by quality of the screen and no option manually set up optics at least distance between lens… more bright less motion blurr and it could be a good product but … it is not :confused:

I bought it, ive tried it, and im selling it ;] stay for some time with vive and wait exacly for next gen the same parameters like vive googles but with 4k screen and mby a little bigger fov like 140degrees or smth


Yes I remember how frustrating that was when I first opened up the galaxy map in my oculus CV1. If you are using a flight stick you can bind keys to make it easier but its never as good as a mouse and keyboard on a monitor. Have you tried any other Vr headsets for Elite Dangerous? Im really just buying this to see if tgeres an improvement in picture quality over the rift and vive. I know just how good that game can look on a 4K 60hz monitor. Its a pity the current vr headsets sre restricted to low resolution

i got both sets - and i preffer to play ED in vive becuse of colors, brightness, fov is bigger and comfort is muuuuch better… i cant sit in pimax googles more than 10 mins and after that when im putting them down i got baaad feeling on my brain and eyes… srsly. even with pimax better resolution overall effect is bad… in vive u can sit hours and hours … in pimax u cant take more than couple minutes without feeling tired and not only after using that googles but even in time when using it…

I’m in the same boat…no IPD and myopia adjustments make it almost impossible to use it for a long period of time.

Great so its just another piece of Chinese junk. There is a person on this forum called Wen Hen who is talking about how amazing this headser is. She makes out she is a general customer and got her unit a week ago but I didnt realise she actually works for Pimax. What graphics card are you using? Thanks