Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation

Pimax, if you’re not willing to give us info or work on accessories, can we atleast get a pimax wall callender, so we can mark off the months and years as we wait?


You forgot the year, 2019


You have to give them a break. Everything is delayed until they are done creating their 3 pieces of content for the stretch goals. Games take a long time to make, 3-5 years each (the team can only do one game at a time) of course there’s also valve time. Really there is no point in shipping anything else until these are done (they need to save on shipping costs) /S


We’re not talking about products here, why can’t they give us an update on where they are at, they can’t even give a date for a simple update…

This is fekin crazy

Keep giving them a break with no pressure and they will have no incentive to do anything

America didn’t beat Russia to the Moon by sitting on their hands.

Now pimaxusa is back in his hiding hole abandoning the community again

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8k at 32:9 is legit if using TV’s corrupted 3840 being 4k.

Aspect Ratio makes numbers correct. Just look at Sony’s 4k 21:9 display is a good example as well.

Well the dateline only affects day of the week not typically the year unless were talking Jan 1/Dec 31 date period.

Otherwise we need a TARDIS. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Excuses are merely nails used to build a house of failure…

Imaginatiom often leads to unrealistic expectations.

Do we really have anything else?
I expected nothing and still was disappointed…

Seems everyone came, got let down and left again

Guess I’ll do the same.

These cu…ts never change

Things only change when it’s ready. We can only hope pimax is ready to see & hear things with an open mind instead of a seemingly closed minded mentality.

Pimax is not alone in this flawed mindset; it is often even worst in fortune 500 companies. Executives often lose the ability to remember & understand the folks on the ground level.

Folks on the ground level could help things greatly improve if those in high positions hadn’t become ignorant of lessons past.

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Wow. No new announcement date till this time?
I really hoped to see one while reading 80 posts lol :rofl:
How many days were Pimax team out of the office due to Dorian? A week? A month?
Are two working days not enough to make a new countdown?

Yes mate I turned 75 yesterday ,and really wondering if I will ever get to use the Hmd complete
with LH’s,DAS, and wands.
Since it arrived in March it has been sitting in the box until the accessories
FINALLY arrive.I truly am hoping I get a chance to use them before I kick the bucket as the way this company operates there no guarantee I will receive them in my lifetime.
Thankfully I have Samsung Odyssey to use :smiley:


In all seriousness you are an inspiration! Dang, I thought I was old.:man_white_haired: I’ve tried to get my dad, who is around your age, interested in VR since it is a favorite hobby but long ago I think he gave up on the idea of gaming after trying to play Halo and having difficulty controlling his characters movements.
Instead would rather passively enjoy movies and football watching on TV. Really keep going. I think gaming and especially VR are great waves to keep those synapses firing on different levels help us to function as well and for as long as possible.


I can understand him not enjoying fast paced games ,I don’t but games like Sniperelite series
are amazing you can take your time set up traps etc I literally spend hours and hours playing
this game because there are so many different scenario’s and now they have announced
there new Sniperelite 5? will be in VR.
I am also right into Flight and Car sims which are fantastic especially trying to fly choppers
being Ancient we have one advantage over younger people we have time and as you say gaming keeps your mind sharp it certainly gives me so much pleasure:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Having to deal with delays? yes
Being shafted? no

From what I’ve heard, the 8KX should be better that what was promised (single cable, better screens than 8K), although a few specs may have fallen (lower refresh rate, due to single cable). Basically, much like what happened for 5K backers; they got the 5K+.


This was a Kickstarter, not a finished product. Specs often change, when a product is under development, and what was hoped for turns out to not actually be possible.


Not looking for white Knighting so will disregard your bias opinion but thanks


That’s gross, Mike…

I haven’t given up. I went on ebay and bought some vive accessories for real cheap. Been loving my pimax ever since. Ya I’m upset that things are being delayed but I’ve watched so many kickstarter fail vids that I am genuinely happy that we are still getting something instead of hearing news of them giving us nothing at all. They are still a fairly new company and lessons can be learned from mistakes. I’m pleased with my HMD and the quality. I expect no less from the controllers and base stations.


New information on Pimax

The Pimax 8K Vision announcement is likely to be delayed next week.
8K X will be technical information, not product information.
Everyone who experienced the new 8K Vision at TokyoGameShow gave a good impression.
・ SDE was almost eliminated
・Color reproducibility is better than 8K